1920’s House Apron

If you have an urge to use up some of your fabric stash, or simply have an hour to spare for some much needed crafting time, try this easy tutorial to make a charming slip-over apron.  Based on an 1926 pattern, this adorable apron features a scooped front, slightly gathered back, and two fabric ties.


1 yard (36″ wide) of cotton fabric

5 yards of bias tape

Optional: rickrack


Paper or spare fabric to make pattern

ruler and marker

Scissors and pins

Sewing Machine

Let’s get started:

First you will need to create the pattern.  Below is a visual of the pattern (yellow calico) over the apron fabric.  The fabric is folded in a giant triangle, with the two open ends at the bottom and on the left.  The fold is in the top right hand side.

Use the numbers as a guide to create the pattern.  To adjust for wearer’s height, adjust the 36″ width up or down as needed.  Wish to make the apron wider around the middle, simply use more yardage and extend the two inches at the underarm and around the bottom.

You can cut out the extra ties and optional pocket from the cut off width of your fabric.


Now that you have your pattern pieces cut out, along with the ties, sew the back seam of the apron, right sides together.


Pin the bias tape along all raw edges, making sure to catch the edge of the fabric.  Stitch.


If you would like a pocket, cut out the desired shape, press the edges toward the wrong side of the fabric and pin to the apron.  You can add rick rack or other trim to the pocket if you like…just make sure to add the trim BEFORE you attach the pocket.  Stitch the pocket to the apron.





With right sides together, sew the ties, turn right side out, and press.  Stitch with raw ends folded underneath to the inside of the apron.




That’s it!  Enjoy your new vintage inspired apron around the kitchen, craft room, or out in the garden!






Source: Fashion Service, 1929 as seen in Vintage Notions by Amy Barickman

9 thoughts on “1920’s House Apron

  1. What a lovely apron and great tutorial! I will be making a dress apron from about 20 years earlier for the May challenge to keep the fabric lint off my clothes. Now I’m contemplating to make one of these here as well, for when the 1900s version is in the wash. 😉

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  4. Socorro Medrano

    Love it!
    Among all things, the way the neck straps gently shaped on the back joint. Having a delicate neck, your idea suits perfect for me. Thanks.

  5. Socorro

    Made it!
    Using an old R. Lauren mini gingham red and white.
    I have difficulty doing bias on angles, decided to soften them. Omitted the pocket.
    Loved the final product. I’ll draft a pattern for future reference.
    Thanks for the excellent tutorial.

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