Civil War Jewelry

I was looking for inspiration of different types of jewelry that I could wear and pair up with my various Civil War gowns.  When I am in my everyday modern street clothes, I always have to have in earrings.  So clearly I needed to create or find different types of earrings that could match my gowns, allow me to feel comfortable, and were  historically accurate.

I stumbled across these photographs and decided to share them with any of you who are looking for new styles and ways to incorporate jewelry.  The great part is that one can either find pieces of jewelry at antiques stores, garage sales, online sites like Ebay or Etsy, or be able to recreate them on your own!









A Variety of Hairstyles

I came across this picture of a collection of different hairstyles!


I loved how varied the styles are and the various ages shown.   I hope this adds to your repertoire of Civil War era hairstyles!  If there is a style you would like to see a tutorial of, please let me know!

Enjoy your weekend!