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Regency Chemisette Video Tutorial

I am so excited about today’s post as it has been a long time in coming!  Using inspiration from a variety of sources, I have created a video tutorial and pattern on how to create a Regency Era Chemisette custom designed to fit you!  Simply open up the PDF pattern, follow the guidelines on how to create the pattern pieces, then watch the videos below to  learn how to create your very own chemisette.   Tutorial will help you create a chemisette with one or two ruffles (as pictured in images below.) (Image from Janet Arnold’s Patterns of Fashion I) (Painting of 1800 Empress Elizabeth Alexeievna, artist unknown) REGENCY CHEMISETTE VIDEO TUTORIAL Click the underlined link below to open up PDF pattern. regency-chemisette-pattern ***Videos show how to create a two ruffle chemisette.  If desired, simply cut out two ruffles using measurements presented in pattern**** Part One In this video section, I will show you how to construct the frame of the chemisette and create the neckline darts. Part Two In this section we will stitch darts, …

pdf patterns

Intro to Sewing Video Series: Intro to PDF Patterns

Today’s topic may either instill excitement or dread: print-out-your-own PDF patterns!  Perhaps you have never tried, or perhaps you have had limited luck, or perhaps you are one of those lucky few who have had nothing but success.  Either way, today is all about helping you understand this wonderful sewing pattern option. In today’s video I will discuss the following topics: What are PDF or downloadable patterns How to store these patterns Digital patterns Pros and Cons of PDF patterns And just like last week, I will list out my favorite PDF/Digital pattern companies and their links below this video. Enjoy! My Favorite PDF/Digital Pattern Companies Sensibility Patterns Mrs. Depew E Vintage Patterns Wearing History E-Patterns Aimee’s Victorian Armoire Please remember to read out all the instructions of how to create the patterns BEFORE purchasing.  That way you can try to avoid an unhappy experience. My Tricks of the Trade on How to Assemble and Work with PDF Patterns Read all instructions BEFORE printing out the pattern. Make sure you have plenty of ink and paper in …

1940's blouse

Creating a 1940’s Blouse from a Modern Pattern

I am so excited to share today’s post with you, as it offers one of my favorite sewing cheats: taking an already created pattern and tweaking it into something completely new.  And today’s little tweak comes in the form of a 1940’s blouse.  I will show you the pattern I have chosen to use, but feel free to use any blouse pattern that you would like as the method to create this top doesn’t change too much! Here we go! I chose to use McCall’s Blouse Pattern #M6750 pictured below. Once you have chosen your pattern, take a look at the back of the envelope to find out how much fabric you will need along with the required notions.  Then, simply add an extra 1/4-1/3 yard of fabric to account for the ruffles.  Cut out the paper pieces, and follow this simple step to create the new pattern for the front of the bodice. Now that the pattern is drafted, cut out your fabric and let’s construct the bodice. The most time consuming part deals with the facing …


Intro to Sewing Video Series: Paper Patterns

Hello my friends! Today we start the first part of a three part series focusing on the many ways to find, create, understand, and store sewing patterns.  In this ten minute video, I will focus on the following topics: How to read the back of commercial sewing patterns How to care for and store commercial sewing patterns How to read and store historical sewing patterns from specialized pattern companies Tips to remember when working with vintage patterns The Pros and Cons for purchasing, working with, and storing paper patterns My favorite paper pattern companies are listed below this video! Commercial Patterns Simplicity Patterns McCalls Patterns Butterick Patterns Vogue Patterns Historical Sewing Patterns Period Impressions Past Patterns Sense and Sensibility Patterns Laughing Moon Mercantile I hope this has helped you understand the major differences and similarities of paper patterns, along with a few different ways to keep track of everything! 🙂 Next Friday’s video, will focus on downloadable PDF sewing patterns! Have a wonderful day!  

1950's overskirt

1950’s Overskirt Video Tutorial: Beginner’s Sewing

The other day, I was watching my season 5 DVD set of I Love Lucy…. you know, the Hollywood episodes.  And as I was watching one of the episodes, Lucy wore one of my favorite outfits in the entire series. A delicious creation featuring an overskirt attached to a bodice with coordinating skinny pants.   Here is the image of it from the show, along with the original sketch by Elois Jensson: Lucy in Palm Springs Now, this particular outfit has been placed on my “To Create” list, however I wanted to do something quick and easy for a fun tutorial for my blog.  So, I did some more research, and found a few easy examples of this look: Fun, flirty, and offering extreme versatility, this overskirt is a fantastic 1950’s addition that can easily find it’s way into our 21st century wardrobe! What you will need: Fabric of choice in any amount you desire.  I used 1 3/8 yards as it was the only amount available in this particular pattern, but adjust as needed. Thread 1 …

1950's jacket and dress

A 1950’s Sleeveless Jacket or Sleeveless Dress

This little number is part coat, part dress, and part chic! This is a very simple design which can easily include sleeves, a collar, or a fun belt as seen in the picture above.  The other fun thing about this pattern is that it is fully lined!  How luxurious! 🙂 Materials Needed 1 1/2 yard each of outer fabric and lining 6 large buttons Pattern Guide Front – Cut 2 from both fabrics but cut lining shorter that outer fabric A, B – 1/4 of neck plus 3″ B, C – Shoulder length plus 2″ E, D – 1/4 of bust plus 3″ C, D – Armhole Curve Back (Cut on fold) Cut 1 of each fabric A, B – 1/4 of neck plus 1″ B, C – Shoulder length E, D – 1/4 of bust plus 2-3″ C, D – Armhole Curve To show you how to create this pattern, I have added a video outlining each step.   Sorry about the wavy lines in the video….I’m still new to the whole movie making thing! 🙂 …

1930's top

1930’s One Hour Summer Top

Last year I purchased some fabric in a unique color blend of black, yellow, and light grey.  I had no idea what I wanted to do with it, but since it was such a great price, I, of course, snatched it right up!  Well, it has finally found a purpose with this very easy summer blouse. This is all one piece, and if you can make a hem, you can make this top!  The most important part of the construction of this blouse is with the shape of the one piece.  While you can technically do any length or width that you would like, make sure you don’t make the neckline too wide…a mistake I made on my first practice round.  I recommend a 9″ x 6″ square opening. Here is the pattern I created for this design: Pattern   Materials: 1 1/4 – 1 1/2 yards of fabric Process: Hem all raw edges of the top, including the neckline. Either hem all raw edges of tie, or you can cut out double the amount …

book launch

IT’S HERE: Pattern Book, Fashion Line, and Giveaway!!!

Today is truly a dream come true…. It is a day which I have thought about, planned for, agonized over, and gained a pound or two (or three) over!  And now that it is here, I feel an overwhelming sense of happiness, accomplishment, and a wee bit, or maybe a lot, of nervousness! 🙂 So without any further ado, let’s just get right into it!   Aimee’s Vintage Armoire 1940-1950 Pattern Book Focusing on fashion from the 1940’s and 1950’s, this spiral bound, full color book features nine various garments inspired by vintage pieces.  Each pattern is hand created by you, using the pattern guides in the book to help you create a truly custom piece.  To learn more about the pattern drafting used in this book, please click HERE. Front Cover Back Cover Inside of Book This lovingly created book is available for purchase through the Lulu Publishing Company for $25.00 (USD) plus shipping. Simply click HERE to be taken to Lulu to complete your purchase.  To see the return policy for Lulu, please click HERE, …