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With over fifteen years spent focusing on women’s historical fashion and pattern design, Aimee Cook has a wide range of expertise which has helped her take a dream and turn it into a business.  Using both historical and modern techniques, each item made by Aimee is carefully constructed to offer both accuracy and elegance.  

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What sort of patterns do you use to create your garments?

Many of my gowns are created using both ready-made and personally designed patterns.  I always aim for historical accuracy in the design and fit for each of my creations, while still trying to add my own unique touch.  I use both fashion sources of the time, along with portraits and photographs to inspire my designs.  Creating authentic gowns is at the forefront of my mind at all times.

This video takes a deeper look into understanding various paper patterns available.

What types of fabric do you use?

I believe that the foundation of any proper garment begins with the fabric you use.  I go to great lengths to find and use the most accurate fabric available on the market in all of my sewing.  I use only natural fabrics to maintain integrity of the time period, along with patterns and colors used during various decades of the past two hundred years.  I take pride in ensuring that each of my gowns are composed of high quality fabrics obtained from sources that have used primary sources to recreate their patterns.

Using both accurate patterns and color combinations are an important aspect when creating a gown, as seen in this 1770’s creation.


How do you construct each garment?

All my garments are constructed using both hand and machine sewing.  This combination ensures that each item is completed in a timely manner and with secure stitching.  Hand sewn details are the finishing touches to add authenticity and care.

Examples of hand sewn details.

dsc01209 dsc_0031

How long does it take to complete a gown? 

Depending on the time period, each gown takes 4-6 weeks to complete.  Because I take great pride in the quality of my gowns, this time allows for solid construction and an accurate fit.  

These two 1860’s gown took three weeks to create and used between 9-13 yards of historically accurate fabric each.



Read what others are saying about their historical gowns purchased from Aimee’s Victorian Armoire!


“A remarkable experience and one I hope to repeat soon! Aimee does such beautiful work, carefully constructing a garment after being so gracious and helpful about the best fit. Prompt and professional and far more. Very impressed with the packaging and thank you note, business card, and instructions on how to care for your garment. Highly recommended!”

~Laura F.


“Aimee was so helpful with questions and measurements. Product is so well constructed, beautiful fabric choice. Fits like custom made. Will be shopping here again in the future”

~Amber W.Aimee,

“The dress arrived today and it’s beautiful! Your craftsmanship is out of this world! I cannot wait to wear this in September for a civil war era military ball! It will be perfect! Again, this dress is beautiful! This color is so special to me! Thank you for the opportunity to purchase this! It’s a dream!”

~Monica M


“This dress is gorgeous and really high quality! I am a history teacher, and can’t wait to bring history to life for my students! The fabric is really and high quality, as it the stitching. The design is fabulous and so authentic. I literally feel like I popped out of “Pride and Prejudice”. Seller is super reponsive and was more than willing to make sure the dress would fit me exactly. I will be a customer for life (got my eye on gowns from other eras)!!”

~Cassandra G.

I almost didn’t buy a bum roll to wear under my Regency gown. But this one looked very well made and the price was right, so I went for it. It turns out that the garment is really essential to the full look. The addition of the bum roll seems to somehow improve your posture/carriage, for one thing. The change was subtle but marked, especially since I don’t have the “ideal” Regency bust (there’s too much of it, in other words). The bum roll balances that out by adding extra volume in back. The upshot is a more elegant look overall. This bum roll is very light and, once you have it on, you forget all about it. Great shop with great designs — I would purchase again.

~ Melia F.

“Absolutely gorgeous, and impeccably made. All of the visible stitching was done by hand, the measurements are just as described, and I couldn’t be happier. Thank you!”

~Isabela M.

Loved this Spencer jacket and the dress is bought previously. It all looked amazing together!

 – Erin H.

“Even more beautiful than in the picture and very well made. She knows her stuff and her customer service is stellar! The prices for her dresses are totally awesome considering the quality of the workmanship and the fact that she uses period correct fabric and patterns. I would HIGHLY recommend this seller.”

~Jenny R.

I needed a regency dress for a Christmas tea at a local historical house where I volunteer. I was able to find this seller and she was nearby. She allowed me to stop over and buy the dress the very same day and it was perfect. The quality is wonderful and i will purchase again!!

~Amy R


Contact email: aimeevictorianarmoire@gmail.com