1943 Ruffled Blouse Tutorial with Pattern

1943 Ruffled Blouse

Sweet and elegant both describe this little blouse from the 1940’s.  I had such a fun time creating it, that I wanted to share the pattern with you!  However, unlike patterns I have created in the past, this one is a bit different.  I have created a drafting guide with the hopes of allowing anyone of any size the ability to recreate this pattern just for them!

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Happy Sewing!

Tools to Draft Pattern:
  • Ruler
  • Curved Ruler for Armholes and Hip Curves
  • Pencil
  • Craft or Wrapping Paper
  • Meausuring Tape
  • Knowledge of your own upper body measurements

1945 Ruffled Blouse Pattern

How To Draft:
  1. Following the guide below, write down all the proper measurements.
  2. On a large piece of craft or wrapping paper, begin marking and drawing the patterns using the picture above and your measurements as a guide.
  3. Once completed, cut out and drape on body or dress form.  Note needed alterations and adjust accordingly.
  4. Once base pattern is satisfactory, cut out of fabric making sure to add in seam allowances and extra width on one side for the zipper.  Check armhole fit for comfort and ease of movement.
  5. I also recommend to test the pattern first out of muslin for proper fit.


1943 Ruffled Blouse Pattern Drafting Guide

Cut 2 of Bodice Front Top.  Cut 1 on fold of Bodice Front Bottom.  Cut 1 on Fold of Bodice Back.

You will also need a long piece of fabric measuring 3″ wide by length of total neckline plus 10″-15″

  • 1-1/2 yards of fabric
  • 9″ zipper
  1. Stitch back dart if needed.
  2. Run gathering stitch along bottom of Bodice Front Top.
  3. Pull gathering stitches to fit the angle of the Bodice Front Bottom making sure that most of the gathers are closest to the top.  Pin and stitch right sides together.  Repeat with the other side.
  4. Stitch shoulder seams.
  5. Choose side for the zipper and insert.
  6. Stitch other side seam.
  7. Give a narrow hem to sleeves and to the bottom of the blouse.
  8. Turn long strip right sides together and stitch the ends only.  Turn out and press.
  9. Run a gathering stitch along the long strip of fabric wrong sides together.  Tie off one end of gathering threads and then gently gather to fit in neckline.
  10. Pin to neckline so raw edges line up.  Stitch.  Trim or serge seams.
  11. Optional: Apply a facing to raw edges of neckline for a neat trim.
  12. Press and enjoy!








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    • Haha! 🙂 Pattern drafting can be tricky at first, but after a few practice rounds it opens up a whole new world of sewing! 🙂 Good luck and I would love to see a picture!
      Have a wonderful day and thank you commenting!

  2. Krista

    Is there a guide to show what the letters/measurements are supposed to be? I’d like to try and make this but am a little lost!

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