Month: February 2016

collar cover

What a Difference a Collar Can Make!

Have an old dress that could use an update?  Your latest sewing experiment didn’t turn out so well?  Can’t find just the right necklace to complete an outfit?   Have you tried a collar?   Take a look at these examples of 1930’s gowns that feature collars in various forms. The beauty of a collar, whether ruffly or simple, is it’s ability to dress-up an outfit with very little effort.   Want to create a collar that is very similar to the last picture?   Well, click the picture below to be taken to a tutorial I created a few months ago!   Accessories, and especially collars, can truly make an outfit!   Enjoy! Have you signed up for my monthly newsletter?  Click HERE to enter your email so you can begin receiving fun updates!


How I learned to Sew…

I have been so busy sewing the final mock ups for my sewing book (cue excited squeal), that I have not had a chance to make anything else…not even a little accessory to share with you!  I am hoping that will change later on in March…fingers crossed! 🙂 So when it came to decide what to share with you all today, I became stumped…which usually never happens.  I thought and I thought and, yep, I thought some more, and came up with this story.  The story of how and why I started sewing…. I was around the age of 10 and had just received the ultimate gift that every little girl in the ’90’s wanted (and I am sure even today,) an American Girl Doll.  Kirsten to be exact, whose story was set in the 1850’s.  I loved that doll and took her everywhere with me.  I dressed her, fed her, braider her hair, and had just about the best time ever!  But, one thing I did not have enough of was outfits.  To purchase them …

1930's look

Recreate this Look: 1930’s Plaid Skirt with Sweater

Today’s post was probably one of the most fun things I have done in a while!  While researching and thinking about what to post for today, I began browsing through a bunch of photographs and articles on fashion.  And then I came across this lovely photo: I instantly fell in love and wonder how I could recreate this look on my own.  Well….then I remembered Polyvore and my little heart just about exploded out of my chest.  Polyvore, if you don’t know, is an online tool that allows you to search a practically unlimited amount of clothes, shoes, accessories….and create your own specialized look.  Then it saves all the items you used along with the store websites and prices.  I haven’t used Polyvore in forever, and decided to create a new account just for this blog! So after the funnest and fastest hour of my life, I created this version of the above look but with a modern twist! Too cute! While, I have to admit the sweater is waaay out of my price range, many of …

fav things

My Favorite Things…and a Giveaway!

Today is a very exciting day for two reasons! One, I get to share with you my favorite things of the month, and two, announce the start of the giveaway from Les Belles Bouclettes!  Yay!!  So let’s get started! My Top Five Favorites I am completely in love with the book The Lost Art of Dress by Linda Przybyszewski.  It is a fascinating look into the reign of the Dress Doctors and their influence and evolution on women’s fashion during the 20th century.  It is wonderful read and has inspired me to view my wardrobe on more of a personal level.  To purchase the book CLICK HERE. Clean white pitchers.  I can’t get enough of them.  They are perfect for holding flowers, silverware, kitchen utensils, or makeup brushes!  Pick up this one from Bed Bath and Beyond for under $10! I adore this fleece from Joann Fabrics.  I’m thinking about making a throw out of it to lay over my lap while I sew.  To purchase it or to see other patterns CLICK HERE. A bit unusual, but …

living room

Rearranging the Living Room

I often wish I had a larger living room.  Not that there is anything specifically wrong or frustrating about my living room, but as it is rather small.  Due to it’s size, the room doesn’t easily lend itself to much rearranging…something I love to do.  It never use to bother me that much, until I purchased a 1950’s decorating book at a flea market and realized the value and appeal of a larger living area.  Not because I want to shove in more expensive furniture, or to host large dinner parties, but because of a long forgotten aspect of a vintage living room…the game table. When I came across this addition, highly recommended in any proper living room, I instantly fell in love.  To create a space in the common living area where a person can write, catch up with the local newspapers, and more importantly, play games without sitting on the floor, is such an appealing aspect to family living.  This little area isn’t meant to replace an office, but to be a spot for mutual …

movie costumes

My Favorite Movie Costumes

Today, I want to share with you my most favorite movie costumes from the last 70 years! I have narrowed my rather large list down to just five!  A very difficult feat! 🙂  Some are ornate, and some, are very simple.  So let’s get started! #1 Judy Garland in the The Clock (1945) What I love about this dress is the lace detailing around the neck and the waist.  It is such a classic example of elegant 1940’s fashion and comfort.  I wish I knew what color the dress was in real life….but in my head, I picture a sky blue! #2 Felicity Jones in The Invisible Woman (2013) This has to be one of the best examples of an 1850’s gown that I have seen in a film.  The pattern of the fabric, layered skirt, and wide pagoda sleeves make it truly stunning!  There are many fabulous gowns in this film to love, but this is my favorite! #3 Lucille Ball in Follow the Fleet (1936) It isn’t often that Ginger Rogers is upstaged by …


A Salute to the Handbag: A Woman’s Best Friend

What age were you when you started carrying a purse?  Was it a gift?  A well-thought out purchase or a hand me down from a cherished family member?  Whenever and however you began carrying a handbag, you joined the ranks of millions of women who came before.  While the history of the purse extends to the earliest of civilizations, I want to focus on it’s look and evolution during the first half of the 20th century.  So whether you call it a handbag or a purse, let’s take a little trip down handbag lane! Following the advancements in the area of transportation (an overview is available in the post  The Golden Age of Travel) luggage companies began crafting smaller suitcases, called handbags, for the traveling woman.  These newly designed mini suitcases began to offer new, and more structured options in which to carry one’s things.  Before this alteration in luggage, women mostly used smaller, more dainty purses called reticules.  While never completely disappearing from the fashion scene, reticules saw reduced use as the turn of the century advanced. …

v party

A Vintage Valentine’s Day Party

I love planning themed parties!  And whether its just for a few family members or a large group, vintage party ideas are always a hit!  So when it comes to Valentine’s Day, a holiday normally for two, why not shake things up and have a party for many! Below are a few excerpts from a 1959 Better Homes and Garden’s Holiday Cook Book on hosting the perfect Valentine’s Day Dessert Party! Once you have planned the menu and decorated the table, why not send out some cute invitations using these FREE downloadable imaged from THIS WEBSITE. Happy Planning!