Month: September 2015

fashion salon

The Fashion Salon’s Sewing Room

“This is a busy, bustling time for the girl who makes her own clothes and who perhaps is lucky enough to have a mother or sister to help her when it comes to a bit of fitting.  I have made these clothes for our Sewing Room display, and I feel sure you won’t find them difficult.  With the exception of the full skirt, they do not require much material.  They are typical of styles found in good pattern books – not necessarily identical, but similar. This year there are two silhouettes for evening – the pencil slim and the wide.  Choose which you will: both are good.  Straight and narrow lines perhaps look and are newer, but the full-skirted dance frock is too becoming to be abandoned. Here you see it in its most enchanting mood. It could be of silk velvet or some stiff, self-assertive fabric.  Yards and yards of materiel make the skirt, which gathers slightly where it joins the low basque, then swirls out into wide hemline.  For a dramatic effect the …

kitchen cover

A Sampling of Vintage Kitchens

Over the summer, I decided to redecorate my kitchen.  A very fun process that took my predominately red-based room into one that featured a blend of old and new, along with a variety of bright, sherbet colors.  I am so in love with it that I am hesitant to put out any of my fall decorations as I don’t want to change a single thing.  Maybe next month I will be ready! 🙂 I thought that I would share a few different kitchen styles from the early 20th century in case any of you are in the mood for a little revamp.  I also included some items that I felt were inspired by these wonderful decades! Enjoy! Plenty of storage space, wood cabinets, and clean lines are the hallmark of a 1910’s kitchen. 1910’s Inspired Stoneware Bowl   Colorful, vibrant, and tastefully decorated are the signs of the 1920’s…. 1920’s Apron Tutorial 1930’s kitchens are cheery, and often monochromatic…..a indicator of the upcoming 1940’s kitchens. 1930’s Inspired Floral Bowl    At times dripping in ruffles, …

First aid for hair cover

First Aid For Hair: A Fun Look at Your Face’s Neighbor and Best Friend

“Next door neighbor and best friend to your face – your hair!  How have you been treating it?  Something like this – if I know women: flipping a comb through it several times a day, giving it a painstaking wave once a week and a casual shampoo when decency demands it, and otherwise doing nothing whatever for it.  “Long may it wave!” is the modern maiden’s prayer for her top knot.  She asks for Francois at the hairdresser’s because he has a deft way with the curl over her ear.  To her the fact that he skimps on rubbing and rinsing and often leaves soap on her hair is unimportant beside the fact that he gives the best wave in town.   This is all wrong.  To keep its nice, healthy color and luster, your hair must have proper care – most of it simple and inexpensive, but necessary.  I wish I could make every woman who reads this article realize the importance of brushing.  I am told that there are women nowadays who don’t …

1919 Dress Cover

The 1919 Ensemble

This particular outfit took a lot out of me.  It seemed quite innocent from the start, however by the completion of the fur collar, I was pin-pricked numerous times and ended up at the eye doctor for faux fur in the eye….not a happy time!  My only saving grace on this project is that it actually turned out and is rather cute. The base design started off with the same shape as the 1920’s One Piece Dress, however it features a shorter top with a long skirt.  The skirt, for whatever reason gave me the most amount of stress, as I was trying to get the tapered in look as seen in so many examples, yet was not having any luck.  Therefore I followed actual photographs instead and just went with a normal ankle length design. What I wanted…. What I followed instead…. To me, these skirts did not taper in as much as the above pictures did, and therefore dictated how I created my own skirt. Here are the pictures of my completed design, …

color and you cover

Color and You!

This particular topic I have great respect for…finding the right color for your complexion.  Over the past few months, we have discussed finding the right scent and learning to be yourself through dress, that now it seems only right to learn the proper clothing colors to wear. Although not a new topic, many fashion designers for hundreds of years have been offering their particular take on choosing the right tone for each individual.  Even recently, this idea continues to be reinvented and followed by women all around the globe. A rebirth of color styling came from Carole Jackson and her Color Me Beautiful Series during the 1980’s A more modern take…   During this month of learning, take some time to refresh or explore for the first time, the vast colors of the rainbow that are calling your name!  For a little vintage help, why not try the following charts. So whether you view yourself as a season, a scheme, or a rainbow of color, let yourself shine this month! ~Aimee Source: Harmony in Dress by Mary Brooks Picken, …

Introduction to Tucks: Part Two

Last time we discussed the basic two types of tucks along with several examples.  Now for my favorite type: the shell tuck. I came across this particular tuck in one of my 1940’s sewing books.  I had personally never seen it before, nor was I able to find any examples of this tuck in use.  However, I was so enchanted by the design, and the relative easiness of the process, I had to include it! Let’s bring back the shell tuck!! Now, go and tuck!  🙂 ~Aimee

Ferme Bonne Mine Cover

A Field Trip to Ferme Bonne Mine…

Having enjoyed sampling all of the wonderful products from Les Belles Bouclettes last month, I was very interested in learning more about the farm and the sweet animals that live there.  Therefore, Isabelle (of From Goats to Soaps) has graciously taken the time to invite us into her family farm! I hope you enjoy this little field trip to Canada!  Make sure to check out the heartwarming stories of little Coeur and Cashmere below! What led to the start of Ferme Bonne Mine and Les Belles Bouclettes? In October 2001, my husband Jacques and I, (Isabelle) left France with our 3 children (Dominique, Denis and Sophie) to come to Canada. First, we lived in a city. But we always dreamed of space and nature. We were looking for a home with lots of space, especially after the birth of our 4th child Fanny. In 2006 we found this old dairy farm on 51 acres in Vankleek Hill, between Montreal and Ottawa. We really fell in love with it. We never imagined having a little farm all our …

September Midnight cover

Poetry: September Midnight

What is more beautiful and comforting than a fall harvest?   One of my favorites times of the year is Autumn.  It is that magic season when the sun can be shinning as bright as can be, yet the cold snap of air keeps you in a wonderful, comfortable state.  Days such as these are perfect for heading outside to enjoy in one of nature’s last hurrahs before winter claims all.  Brown may be the color on the ground, but it has birthed a bounty of colorful harvests that adorns markets, fields, and front porches. But when the warm sun hides away, and the large, harvest moon emerges, the landscape changes to a silvery tone of self-preservation.  Nature, both flora and fauna, are readying themselves for the impending frost and a long winter’s nap. In honor of this enchanting time, I offer this poem: September Midnight by Sara Teasdale (1914)