Month: December 2015

2015  year end reflection

A 2015 Year End Reflection

The past few weeks have been very busy planning for January’ blog posts, as well as the rather long list of sewing projects I wish to create. And it was during one of these planning sessions, that I began to reflect on the journey my blog and my sewing has taken over this past year. I have delved into various topics of writing, found a voice I didn’t know I had, explored new time periods of sewing, met some wonderful friends…and all through blogging! Sometimes it is easy to compare yourself with others and see how far you haven’t gone….and it is at those very moments that you must snap yourself out of it and be happy with what you have accomplished! So as the last few days of December begin tick by, I thought I would take some time to reflect on those things of which I am most proud. Let’s begin with some of my most favorite sewing projects: My 1920’s Sheer Kimono was a very fun project although the silkiness of the fabric was a bit …

purple pleated dress

1924 Eggplant Purple Dress

This was one of those projects where everything goes really well…up to a point.  I had seen a gown similar in design to this in one of my Fashion Inspiration magazines and couldn’t wait to get started.  I patiently calculated out the extra material needed for the front pleats.  I mentally thought through the process in which the dress could close and hang neatly.  I created a scarf which draped rather nicely…it all was just going so well. And then I added sleeves.  *Cue suspenseful music!* My sleek dress turned into a monstrosity that wasn’t to far from this… Image from I Love Lucy I had to walk away from the dress and those ridiculous sleeves that I had put in.  I had to think long and hard about what I needed to do.  So I ate a cookie and decided to head back down in search of my seam ripper! 🙂 Ten minutes later and with two sad sleeves lying heaped in the trash can, my elegant dress returned. Moral of the story:  Don’t force …

survey post

It’s a Survey!

Well, I hope everyone had a wonderful and joyous Christmas!   I know I certainly did!  I was overwhelmed and so grateful for the wonderful gifts I received, many of which were gorgeous books of vintage fashion!  I can’t wait to share them with you all! Speaking of fashion and sewing, I am moving closer and closer towards my goal of publishing a vintage pattern book, but I need your help!  My biggest question right now is what format would be the best.  Digital? Hard Copy? Or do you have another idea?  If you have three minutes to spare, would you be willing to take a completely anonymous survey?   Just click “Take Survey Now” below.  I would be so grateful! 🙂 TAKE SURVEY NOW Have a wonderful weekend my friends!  ~Aimee


Poetry: The Holly and The Ivy

One of my most favorite Christmas Carols, The Holy and The Ivy blends the beauty of nature with the story of Christmas.  My most favorite version of this carol is my Loreena McKennitt, who is also one of my most favorite artists. On this wonderful Christmas day, I hope you are able to reflect on the beauty of the holiday and the world around you! The Holly and The Ivy The holly and the ivy, When they are both full grown Of all the trees that are in the wood The holly bears the crown O the rising of the sun And the running of the deer The playing of the merry organ Sweet singing of the choir The holly bears a blossom As white as lily flower And Mary bore sweet Jesus Christ To be our sweet Saviour O the rising of the sun And the running of the deer The playing of the merry organ Sweet singing of the choir The holly bears a berry As red as any blood And Mary bore …

christmas calories

The Joy of Christmas Calories

“Between the hours of two and eight on Christmas Day, several million people will either forget, or check outside the dining room, their diet and weight-reducing rules and eat with utter abandon.   And why not surrender on this occasion and eat your fill?  Just think of the wear and tear on your system as you try to resist the appeal of the roast turkey with its crackling brown skin; savory and thick giblet gravy; snowy-white mashed potatoes as smooth and luscious-looking as ice cream; golden Hubbard squash so compelling with its seasonings of butter, salt, and pepper; tender white onions submerged in a mellow cream sauce; icy-crisp celery; sprightly cranberry sauce; fragrant mince or spicy pumpkin pie, or that other famous dessert, plum pudding, which in spite of its individual richness demands a fragrant hot vanilla sauce and creamy topping of hard sauce.  What if you do pick up an extra pound by enjoying these good things?  You can quickly lose it by finding something to worry about, or immediately after Christmas dinner you …

Christmas outfits

Christmas Outfits through the Decades

Easter, the first day of school, and Christmas are all examples of days in which a new outfit is required!  With Christmas only days away, it isn’t too late to run out amongst the last of the holiday shoppers and find a little something small for yourself! And to get those shopping juices flowing, I have collected my most favorite holiday outfits from the past two centuries. 1800 The holiday trims on both these white dresses give wonderful contrast. 1810 Burgundy fabric with puffy white trim says dancing at Christmas like nothing else! 1820 I adore the gold gown with the black tassels.  What an easy and unique way to add details to sleeves. 1830 Add a lovely wool cape and you are all set to walk into town for afternoon tea. 1840 The shoulder details on both of these gowns add such elegance and femininity. 1850 Whether for holiday shopping or for writing Christmas cards, either of these outfits will do splendidly! 1860 Christmas Ball anyone? That red swiss waist is stunning! 1870 Hosting …

Christmas Decor cover

A Very Vintage Christmas

Is there anything better than prepping one’s house for the holiday season?  Not in my book! Decorating calls for extra special snacks to be placed out in easy reach, one’s most favorite Christmas music or movie gently playing in the background, and an excitement to place out all one’s purchased and handmade ornaments.  It is, at least in my house, the one time all year when the whole house gets completely decked out for the season.  The bathroom becomes an icy sparkly wonderland.  The bedrooms evoke a warmth and coziness of a magical wood where cardinals are seen darting about.  The kitchen is bright, colorful, and is the perfect place to add all those colored lights.  And the living room, my absolute favorite room in the house, is soft, warm, and peppered with silver and gold.  Add a few lit candles and time seems to fall away! Looking to create or add to your own Christmas abode?  Let the following ideas spark that vintage imagination!! Vintage Christmas Decorations for Around the House Vintage Tree Ornament …

Silver Gowns

On My Inspiration Board: Silver Gowns

Silver is one of those colors that can come in a range of hues and descriptions.  Icy tones, glowing metal, and can even merge into those wonderful shades of grey with that magic hint of glitter.  Silver gowns are a luxury and therefore make the perfect party dress…no matter the century.  The weight of the fabric and the details in which you put on it, all add to the uniqueness of each dress. Check out this 1920’s silver dress…perfect for a party!   I chose to use silver as this month’s color choice for the simple reason that it is not as often used doing the month of December.  Gold, warms hues of red, and hunter greens dominate the scene, yet silver is and should be as much of a color of the holidays as the previous three.  I find that combining all the colors throughout one’s house decorations, outfits, and table settings, can reap a rich lushness. Silver isn’t just a cold metal, it, like the icicles forming in the winter air, is all …