A 2015 Year End Reflection

2015 year end reflection

The past few weeks have been very busy planning for January’ blog posts, as well as the rather long list of sewing projects I wish to create.

And it was during one of these planning sessions, that I began to reflect on the journey my blog and my sewing has taken over this past year. I have delved into various topics of writing, found a voice I didn’t know I had, explored new time periods of sewing, met some wonderful friends…and all through blogging! Sometimes it is easy to compare yourself with others and see how far you haven’t gone….and it is at those very moments that you must snap yourself out of it and be happy with what you have accomplished!

So as the last few days of December begin tick by, I thought I would take some time to reflect on those things of which I am most proud.

Let’s begin with some of my most favorite sewing projects:

My 1920’s Sheer Kimono was a very fun project although the silkiness of the fabric was a bit tricky at parts.


My 1950’s Little Dress with a Big Bow proved to be a wonderful success and one of the favorites of this year’s projects.


My One Yard Blouse and Cummberbund Skirt were fun creations I adapted from a 1950’s McCall’s magazine.


This 1940’s Navy Blue Suit with Ruffled Blouse was inspired by an outfit Lucille Ball wore in one of my favorite movies Best Foot Forward.

This 1919 Brown Plaid Dress with Faux Fur Trim was a fun adventure….if winding up at the eye doctors counts as a fun adventure! 😉


A daunting project, this 1880 Navy Blue Princess Seam Gown with Train took over four weeks to complete!


While I have many tips, tricks, and skills to improve upon, I am very pleased with my outfits from this year!

And now for my most favorite posts of the year!

Traveling in Style: An Overview of the Golden Ages of Travel

Golden Age of Travel

The Art of Chicology

art of chicology

Color and You!

color and you cover

Though grammar may still not be my strong suit, I have come a long way since my early days of blogging!

Tutorials and Accessories

1940’s Hat

1940's Hat Tutorial Cover

1930’s Scarf Tying Tutorials

May scarves

1940’s Manicure

August 1940's Manicure

New Friends

This year, I had the pleasure to work with Grey Dove and Isabelle from Les Belle Bouclettes.  Take a tour of their Farm “Ferme Bonne Mine” or visit their website to see a few of the wonderful goodies  that I was fortunate enough to test.  They also have added beautiful new knitting and crocheting patterns.  I was so honored to be able to name one of their creations (pictured below) which was designed by Nataliya Polyakov.  Grey Dove and Isabelle are currently in the testing stage and are looking for knitters to test the pattern with their handmade yarn available at a special rate.  If interested, please contact Grey Dove and Isabelle HERE.

The Jacqueline Ensemble



Tanya Dawson from Vintorian Publications was kind enough to publish two of my articles in her premier edition of her magazine Vintorian as well as two articles on her blog.



Jessica Cangiano from Chronically Vintage created  a seven rapid-fire-question interview with me that was featured on her blog!  It was a such a joy to work with her! 🙂

header smaller

I was honored this year to be nominated for The Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award by Erin and Sophia from Romancing the Sewn Blog.

All in all 2015 has proved to be a wonderful year full of self-discovery, personal growth and plenty of pricked fingers! And I think 2016 will be even better ! 😉

I hope you all take time to reflect back on your accomplishments, big or small.  It’s isn’t bragging to be proud of what you have achieved….it’s valuing yourself and all the hard work you have put into being a more creative and more confident person.  

And that is a beautiful thing!

See you in in 2016!


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Cover Photo: From Paris with Love by Emile Vernon

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  1. Mary Sorensen

    Congratulations on the award! You certainly motivate me to begin sewing. I’m not a seamstress like you but I do want this year to be the year to learn more! Thank you for your wonderful blog and the beautiful feminine dresses you show.

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