1930’s One Hour Summer Top

1930's top

Last year I purchased some fabric in a unique color blend of black, yellow, and light grey.  I had no idea what I wanted to do with it, but since it was such a great price, I, of course, snatched it right up!  Well, it has finally found a purpose with this very easy summer blouse.

This is all one piece, and if you can make a hem, you can make this top!  The most important part of the construction of this blouse is with the shape of the one piece.  While you can technically do any length or width that you would like, make sure you don’t make the neckline too wide…a mistake I made on my first practice round.  I recommend a 9″ x 6″ square opening.

Here is the pattern I created for this design:

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A 1920’s Look at Sun Protection

sunWell, the sun is out and that means so are my legs which haven’t seen a UV ray in about six months.  While I am very excited to soak in all that lovely Vitamin D, I still need to be very cautious about how much of it my winterized skin is getting.  And even though we are still in a society that values a golden tan, getting it in a healthy way is very important.  Of course, this wasn’t always the case.  We have had a past with cultural traits that have valued a complexion which appeared to be as blemish and sun free as possible.  In fact I distinctly remember reading Little House on the Prairie as a young child and laughing at the scolding Laura received for not wearing her sun bonnet.

Of course, it was easier back in the 19th century to avoid too much sun simply by the length and layers of clothing that was worn.  However, once skirts became shorter and sleeves disappeared, sunburns became more common.  So how was sun protection shared and encouraged?  Well, I decided to take a little look back and find out!

First on my journey was researching past articles.  I found a fabulous one in a 1919 Good Housekeeping article entitle Health and Beauty by Nora Mullane.  An excerpt follows:

“It seems quite superfluous to urge upon women and girls the necessity for giving the most serious consideration to the care of the skin during the summer months when from exposure to wind and dust, the scorching sun and sea air, blemishes are sure to come if the skin is not properly protected, but much anxiety may be avoided by a little care and forethought.”

So how did one go about protecting one’s delicate outer coating?  Well, in the early days of sunscreen and skin creams, many brands worked to address this topic specifically:



Hats and umbrellas, much more than today, were encourage and widely used as protection from the sun.  Although fashion in the latter half of the decade greatly reduced the size of the brim, the early 1920’s head coverings were wide brimmed and ready to protect!



The same protection is also offered by the wider, more substantial parasols featured in the next two images



Too help make the thought of wearing a summer hat more attractive and affordable, tutorials were often included in magazines to revamp old hats.  Here is one for adding a velvet band to the edge of a summer hat!


While loving the sun is something that hasn’t seemed to dim with time, it is still something that (like many things) should be handle with moderation.

And women of the 1920’s, just like today, seemed to have understood just that!


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My New Obsession: Vintage House Plans

house plans

I have found the best way to learn about the past, or even appreciate the past, is by researching and studying how people lived.  Of course events and such are helpful, but taking a look at how the average person lived their life really opens up their world to you.  For this very reason, I have a rather large cookbook collection and enjoy reading them over and over again, to get a feel for what and how peopled valued certain events or occasions.

The same discovery can be made by looking at house plans.  Of course, many of the examples out there may not have been realistic for all families, but they do give you a fantastic glimpse into the architecture of the time and what people valued.  Number of bathrooms, bedrooms, dens, patios, etc. are all so fascinating to look at and appreciate.  I also love to get ideas on landscaping from many of these examples as they are quite sweet!

I have chosen a few of my favorite houses to share with you!  Enjoy!


Sweet, charming, and the perfect cottage!  I adore the front entry way and the chimney in the front.


This next plan is wonderful as it is meant for a warmer climate, and features a wonderful sleeping porch!


A very grand family home, this example even shows you sample ways to decorate.



While I am not sure how I feel about the bedroom being so far up front, I love the full size porch!


This one is my personal favorite!  I love how grand it looks, yet is still one floor!  And the two patio areas in the front are such a nice touch.



I love the Spanish influence in this home!


Although very small the charm of this home can’t be beat.  I even love the small little porch peeking out form the back.



With such a strong change in house shape and look, both of these floor plans are easily marked as 1950!

1b319124d16fa037abd1f8601bd1e58d 3472f64d2f7a8fb376b42e152bca6e2f

And of course, one can not forget the all important vacation home floor plans!  🙂


Many of you may recognize these floor plans as you may live in a house just like it….I know I sure do!  I hope it can give you a new appreciation for the thought and care that went into designing many of these homes!

Have a wonderful day!



IT’S HERE: Pattern Book, Fashion Line, and Giveaway!!!

book launch

Today is truly a dream come true….

It is a day which I have thought about, planned for, agonized over, and gained a pound or two (or three) over!  And now that it is here, I feel an overwhelming sense of happiness, accomplishment, and a wee bit, or maybe a lot, of nervousness! 🙂

So without any further ado, let’s just get right into it!  

Aimee’s Vintage Armoire 1940-1950 Pattern Book

Focusing on fashion from the 1940’s and 1950’s, this spiral bound, full color book features nine various garments inspired by vintage pieces.  Each pattern is hand created by you, using the pattern guides in the book to help you create a truly custom piece.  To learn more about the pattern drafting used in this book, please click HERE.

Front Cover

Book Front Cover

Back Cover

Book Back Cover

Inside of Book



This lovingly created book is available for purchase through the Lulu Publishing Company for $25.00 (USD) plus shipping.

Simply click HERE to be taken to Lulu to complete your purchase.  To see the return policy for Lulu, please click HERE, and scroll to the bottom.

In addition, a number of books are also available on my Etsy shop.  Simply click HERE to purchase through Etsy.

But it wouldn’t be a book launch without a giveaway!  Details are at the bottom of this post!

Vintage by Aimee Fashion Line 

I am a big believer in blending touches of the past into one’s everyday, modern life.  And what better way than with your wardrobe.  Vintage by Aimee is all about taking the classic look of yesteryear and blending it together with fabrics and patterns of today.  Taking inspiration from the very designs I created for my first book, my first fashion line features ready made versions of my most favorite creations.  To purchase or see sizes available for the options shown below, simple click the name of the dress above the picture.

The Marjorie Dress 


The Alice Blouse


The Gloria Ann Dress


With many options and sizes available for purchase through my Etsy Shop, Vintage by Aimee is a dream in the making.  Make sure to check back regularly, as more pieces will be added on a routine basis.

Aimee’s Vintage Armoire Sewing Kits

Available for a variety of the designs offered in my book, these kits come complete with everything you need to create one finished piece.  With fabric hand chosen by me, these kits are just the thing to get you started on the way to a new vintage wardrobe!  Click the title above the picture to be taken to the Marjorie Sewing Kit.

The Marjorie Dress Sewing Kit – $30.00



Click HERE to see all the options available.


The first ten individuals who purchase a book will be entered into a drawing to win the Lucille Top Sewing Kit worth $36.00!


The Lucille Top



 Simply click the appropriate link  below, than follow the instructions ….

Purchasing through Lulu?   – Simply email your purchase receipt to aimeevictorianarmoire@gmail.com with the email subject line of PATTERN BOOK GIVEAWAY.

Purchasing through Etsy? – No need to do anything, as proof of your purchase will be emailed to me right away.

A winner will be chosen once the first ten books (along with the proof of purchase) are sold!

 I will announce the winner on my blog and will contact you personally to let you know your gift is on it’s way!  This contest is open to all readers, regardless of location.

I am so excited and blessed to be beginning this next chapter in my life, my blog, and my business.  I want to thank you all for helping me on this journey and look forward to sharing more wonderful things with you in the future!

I wish you all the best from the bottom of my heart, 



“She believed she could….so she did.”

Preparing for a Summer Wardrobe!

summer wardrobe

I desperately need to clean out my closet.  I’m talking every stitch of clothing must be removed and rehung/organized.  It is hands down, without a doubt, a giant hot mess.  I keep telling myself that I will clean it out when it is time to bring out my warmer weather clothing…well, that time has come.  I don’t personally enjoy cleaning out closets, but I do enjoy having an organized house, so, with that said, it’s getting done this weekend.  And since I’ve just put it in writing, I must follow through.

Cleaning aside, I am excited to see that bright and airy clothing which is always a fun surprise to see when I open the closet door.  And since I know this event is in my future, I thought I would share some fun summer clothes that would be fabulous to have in any wardrobe, vintage or modern!

I love this 1930’s striped skirt/dress combo.  A look and style that has been, and will certainly be, repeated many times.


Can’t go wrong with a ruffled short sleeve blouse for warm weather like this 1940’s version.


I can’t decide what I like more about these 1940’s skirts….their airiness or bold patterns!


If you took the left outfit in this advertisement and made it into a solid dress, it would be the perfect summer picnic outfit!


While very similar to the 1940’s versions above, these 1950’s skirts have extra fullness!


Peasant tops and floral skirts…the quintessential summer look!


I adore the pleating of these skirts…and their fabulous price!


Well, wish me luck everyone!  Tomorrow, come rain or come shine, I will be knee deep in a seasonal closet overhaul!




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Recreate this Look: 1955 Charcoal Suit

1955 suit

I have come to love wearing anything with a bow.  I don’t care where it is located, as long as it is loopy, flowy, and feminine, I love it!  That’s why I was so excited to recreate this month’s look.  With a lovely color combination of pink and grey, this is perfect for those lovely springy days!  This blouse and accessories, would also pair lovely with a nice tailored crop pant in grey, black or white!

This inspiration picture is quite stunning in itself.  While I struggled finding the exact replicas of the blouse in a small gingham print and a cropped jacket, I tried to maintain the essence of the look.





1955 Black Suit with Pink Accents


Never underestimate the power of a well-chosen accent color to make you feel put together and ready to take on the world!


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How to Draft Paper Sewing Patterns

paper pattern

Many of the patterns I have created for my blog often rely on using a pattern guide where you draft your own pattern.  It is a wonderful process that really allows you to understand the constructions of a particular garment along with a growing familiarity of the shape patterns need to be to fit your body.  I first began pattern drafting after I purchased a 1930’s sewing book which used a mathematics-based system.  Never being all that good at math, I grew overwhelmed looking at the guide provided to create what I was used to simply cutting out.  However, once I slowly went through the process I was delighted to find how easy it was to learn and how many more types of garments I could create on my own without having to be restricted to the sizes offered on pattern envelopes.

So, if you have tried but became frustrated with pattern drafting, or if you have never tried it at all, than this post is for you!

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Finding and Creating Your Own Vintage Perfume Bottle


I have an absolute love for small glass bottles, especially if they are full of wonderful smelling perfume.  However, I have noticed that, like many things, they just don’t make them like they used to.  Vintage perfume bottles were ornate, colorful, and, at least in my opinion, made you feel as elegant using as you did wearing the scent.  Just look at the following examples to see what I mean:




I simply adore the green one!  Sigh…..  And while there are some absolutely stunning scents offered today, the bottles are not as feminine as the above examples.

However, there are many ways, and examples, to create your own elegant perfume bottle if you don’t mind not having a spray pump.   While it is difficult to find such ornate examples as shown above,  I have gathered a few of my favorite choices.  Many of them come with more than one bottle…perfect for makeup remover or body oil!

Simply click the link below each picture to purchase the bottles.


Vintage Glass Bottles from Lights and Decor


Clear Vintage Bottles from Luna Bazaar


Small Perfume Bottles from Office Supply


Vintage Cut Glass Perfume Bottle from Lo and Co Vintage

Of course, after you have found your perfect bottle, why not use a lovely vintage inspired label?  Simply print out and decoupage onto a bottle of your choice.


Free Downloadable Images from Luna Girl 



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