Month: June 2015

Household hints

A Few Household Hints

June is winding down.  A beautiful reminder though, that summer is now officially in full swing and along with it the wonderful holidays, vacations, and simple relaxation that comes with the warmer weather.  Even as I write this, I am enjoying the delightful summer sun and breeze on my front porch…although I have just now noticed how weedy my front beds have become and how that little creeper vine keeps creeping closer.  I guess my “spring cleaning” isn’t quite over yet. Have you been able to get everything on your spring cleaning list accomplished?  I  came so close and then lost steam.  But if you are interested in learning some helpful “Household Hints” from women of the past to maintain your spring-cleaned” house, just keep reading: Emptying the Sweeper If one will sprinkle a large piece of paper with water (must as clothes are sprinkled) it will keep the dust of the carpet sweeper from flying when emptied on it.  The wet paper is equally good, of course, for use when the vacuum cleaner is …

Gold Ball Gown

The 1930’s Gold Gown

I can honestly say that I have never created so many paper patterns as I have with this particular gown.  I mean, I was tracing this and cutting out that and double checking width for at least 8 hours!  Why was it such a time consuming process?  The yoked skirt.  That beautiful, slightly difficult, yet much needed,  yoked skirt. I created this pattern from a book that employs the “Science Method” to creating clothing.  It is a wonderful system that turns out 99% of the time, but you have to go in understanding that you are going to be spending more hours on the pattern than the actual sewing.  Delightfully, the time was spent catching up on T.V. shows and sipping caramel flavored coffee…not a bad way to spend a day! 🙂 This gown has become one of my favorite creations for three reasons: 1. It is a delicate gold color that reminds me of old Hollywood….something I could see Ginger Rogers dancing in. ….and that leads to reason number two 2.  The “flowiness” of …

summer hats

The Fun of Summer Hats

Hats are those amazing articles of clothing that serve a multitude of functions including: beauty, protection, warmth, and, of course, outfit completion. They are also one of the few places where we decorate our clothing to match the seasons. Flowers in the spring, fruit in the summer, and leaves and fur in the fall and winter. Nothing feels more like you are enjoying the warm rays of the sun than the perfect wide-brim straw hat. It is the one type of hat that I actually think I look good in and one that instantaneously says “summer fun!” While the size of the summer hat may alter over the years, it is so interesting to see that the materials composing these hats haven’t changed too much. So whether you are at the beach, working in the garden, enjoying afternoon tea outside, or strolling along a little side street doing some window shopping, let your hat enjoy the fun as well! ~Aimee To see more lovely options, please feel free to visit my Pinterest Page.

summer picnic

Summer Picnics and Summer Games

Whether sunny or rainy, there are so many “summery” activities that can keep you, your family and friends, happy and occupied! Here is a description for a Rainbow Picnic designed to be enjoyed on the most perfect of summer days: “There is a magic sound in the very word ‘picnic’ and from our earliest childhood all of us have heard of and most of us have made many a strenuous quest for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. At a recent May birthday party, the hours were from four to seven, and the cards of invitation had  little watercolor rainbows across the corner. Out on the lawn where there were four trees in just the right position a canopy was made with the rainbow colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue indigo, and violet. A basket luncheon was served under this canopy, the baskets being covered with crepe paper with ribbon tied handles. Rugs were laid down on the grass, and the guests were seated real picnic fashion with the contents of …

Bow Dress

A Little Dress with a Big Bow

I absolutely love clothes that have a subtle or slight decoration.  These are the additions that can take a dress, a blouse, or  a jacket to the next level.  Now granted, this little number has a bow that many would not call subtle, but that is all that it has…and I love the simplicity. This shift dress is a classic example of “I thought it out one way, and it came out a different way.”  If any of you are seamstresses, you will understand what I mean.  🙂 The good thing is that I like this version much better! I based this creation off of a picture I found in one of my 1950’s Simplicity sewing magazines.  Between the size of the cream bow and the contrast it creates against the muted tones of the brown and gray print, this little dress is certainly not to be overlooked. Nothing is particularly special about the creation of this below the knee length dress (I have attached the pattern that I have created below) except that two very large …

june poem

A Little World of Peace

Everyone needs a quiet, little place to call their own. Perhaps it is a private bedroom, a favorite chair, the breakfast nook, or a porch swing that hides behind a lush, overgrown ivy vine. Whatever or wherever it is, this little space is the one place where, no matter what the outside world holds, is safe, quiet, and peaceful. It isn’t the type of space that matters, or the way it is decorated, it is the conscious decision made that while you are there, regardless of the time spent, you are away. For me, I am fortunate to say that my whole house is such a retreat. Perhaps there are parts in my little home that are more comforting than others, but once I walk through that door, I give a blissful sigh that I am home, in my little castle, away from troubles. Please don’t think that I am void of above said troubles, for I have as many as the next person. But the ones I can leave outside, I do. Period. And …

june perfume

Finding the Right Perfume….

I love smelling good.  A basic, perhaps obvious statement, that nonetheless is true.  You may often see me oddly smelling my arm, if the lotion I used that day has a particularly delicious scent.  Or perhaps you might observe me gently wafting the tips of my hair under my nose from where those very tips got in the way of my perfume bottle.  Which reminds me…I love the beautiful shapes of perfume bottles.   I love the gentle clink the glass makes as you pull off the topper and the instant feeling of being clean and fresh as the gentle mists clings to your skin.  I even have preferred scents for the seasons.  The warmer the weather, the lighter the scent and vice versa. Perfume can also bring us instantly back to a place, a memory, or a person.  Those heavier scents that perhaps a grandmother wore as she leaned over you to tuck your hair back behind your ear. Or the light scent of the first bottle you received for Christmas and which you, perhaps in earnest, …

Patio supper feature

In the Kitchen: The Patio Supper

There is something so freeing about eating one’s meals outside.  Perhaps it is some primal instinct that kicks in when the warm breeze blows across your face as you munch on deviled eggs and potato salad.  Maybe it isn’t so much the outside, as the high-calorie-but-oh-so-tasty food, which you only seem to enjoy during the warm summer months.  Or maybe it is the fact that you can eat and play games at the same time with visiting family, or perhaps it is the only time you can cook raw meat over an open flame, or maybe it’s the hope that if you wait long enough, you can slurp on your ice cream and catch fire flies at the same time.  Either way, there is something freeing about eating outside, and I think we can all agree that the food tastes better, the laughter is louder, table manners are rougher, and the memories last longer!  Looking for some menu ideas for your next “supper on the green?” Why not try some of these suggestions from the 1959 Betty Crocker’s Outdoor Cookbook: I have …