The Fun of Summer Hats

Hats are those amazing articles of clothing that serve a multitude of functions including: beauty, protection, warmth, and, of course, outfit completion. They are also one of the few places where we decorate our clothing to match the seasons. Flowers in the spring, fruit in the summer, and leaves and fur in the fall and winter.

Nothing feels more like you are enjoying the warm rays of the sun than the perfect wide-brim straw hat. It is the one type of hat that I actually think I look good in and one that instantaneously says “summer fun!” While the size of the summer hat may alter over the years, it is so interesting to see that the materials composing these hats haven’t changed too much.

So whether you are at the beach, working in the garden, enjoying afternoon tea outside, or strolling along a little side street doing some window shopping, let your hat enjoy the fun as well!


summer hats

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2 thoughts on “The Fun of Summer Hats

  1. Oh, I love my giant hats in the summer. Last year I found myself cast in a summer play where I was supposed to be Victorian, so that meant absolutely no tanning, not even incidentally. While I slathered on sunscreen, I also wore my big hat every time I went outside. I got a second one this year to wear when I garden. Mine are fabric because I’m hard on straw hats, but I might need to find a straw one to decorate sometime soon.

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