A Little World of Peace

Everyone needs a quiet, little place to call their own. Perhaps it is a private bedroom, a favorite chair, the breakfast nook, or a porch swing that hides behind a lush, overgrown ivy vine. Whatever or wherever it is, this little space is the one place where, no matter what the outside world holds, is safe, quiet, and peaceful. It isn’t the type of space that matters, or the way it is decorated, it is the conscious decision made that while you are there, regardless of the time spent, you are away.

For me, I am fortunate to say that my whole house is such a retreat. Perhaps there are parts in my little home that are more comforting than others, but once I walk through that door, I give a blissful sigh that I am home, in my little castle, away from troubles.

Please don’t think that I am void of above said troubles, for I have as many as the next person. But the ones I can leave outside, I do. Period. And therefore, my little suburban home that is a little too close to my neighbors and has that dog down the road which won’t stop barking, often feels like the most delightfully remote cabin one could hope for.

Therefore, this month’s poem is all about creating your own “little world of peace.”

A Little World of Peace

I wish you all happiness and encourage you to find that precious spot you can call your own.


Cover Photo:  In the Garden – Sergey Svetoslavsky

4 thoughts on “A Little World of Peace

  1. This is something I actually wrote about today. I’ve been feeling the distinct lack of a quiet place of my own recently. It’s nice to know that others have this need, too, and to hear about your lovely retreat.

  2. Thank You Aimee, this is an idea I can really relate to! When I was little I had along deep closet and the back corner was my own tiny world. These days it is more a time and/or ritual that brings that deep peaceful calm. The hours just after midnight have always been magical to me. Also, almost every night I make a large mug of hot cocoa, made from scratch, winter and summer, that comes up with me to be sipped as I knit just before bed. Making and drinking that mug of cocoa has a feeling all its own which can not be duplicated if it is done at another time of day or shared with someone else.

    Again, thank you for this lovely evocative piece!

    Grey Dove

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