Month: October 2015

The Fancy Dress Costume

The fancy dress party, in many ways, takes on the traits we associate with today’s Halloween: unique costumes, large get-togethers, and a night enjoying being someone other than yourself.  While limited information is available, there are a variety of drawings from the 19th to early 20th century that show the ornate creativity of these inspired seamstresses. Amber Butchart from Amber Butchart:Fahsion Historian gives a fascinating overview on the History of Fancy Dress Balls.  I highly recommend popping over to check out this wonderful source! I also thought I would share with you several examples of these “fancy dress” outfits to inspire you on the eve of Halloween! Many more can be viewed here. Have a wonderfully spooky Halloween everyone! -Aimee

15 Fun Activities to do this Fall

What is better that enjoying a fall day? Enjoying a fall day with friends, family, and maybe some delicious food!   I thought I would share 15 fun (and in many cases, free) activities to share with others in the goal of creating some wonderful golden memories. Here we go!! Decorate for Fall.  I love the warm colors and the earthy nature of fall decorations.  For some beautiful ideas, check out this post from Eclectically Vintage. Image from Eclectically Vintage 2. Make an apple pie.  Joy, from Joy the Baker, created this delicious looking apple pie.  Yummy! Image from Joy the Baker 3. Get a head start on creating Thanksgiving cards!  A fun activity for the whole family, grandparents, aunts, and uncles alike will love getting a handmade card for this wonderful holiday.  This post from offers a step by step tutorial for this card… Image from 4. Take a long walk to enjoy the turning fall leaves… 5. Host a Tailgate Party…in your own driveway! This party by Chris Nease from Celebrations at …

A Plum 1930’s Day Dress

This little day dress is actually a blouse which hooks into a skirt.  The skirt was created from a simple 1930’s pattern found in one of my books, while the top is from a vintage inspired Vogue pattern I purchased at Joann Fabrics. The hardest part of this particular project was how flimsy the bodice material was.  I had to work very hard at keeping my patience while I painstakingly pinned and repined and then pick up dropped pins for longer than I would like to admit….. But jeepers, didn’t it turn out adorable? 🙂 Here are a few pictures: Happy Monday everyone! ~Aimee  

Sewing Tip Saturday: Collars Part Two

With a basic understanding of attaching a collar to a neckline, I thought I would share some basic patterns.  Please note that these patterns are true-to-size, however may need to be adjusted based on your own measurements. Peter Pan A.K.A. Round Collar Example: Sample Pattern: ** Round the front of the collar as much as you like to create various looks. Pointed Collar Example: Sample Pattern: A Stand Up/Self Collar An Example: Sample Pattern:   Try one or try them all! Good luck! ~Aimee

Fun with Fashion Advertisements

I absolutely love advertisements, whether on paper or on the T.V.  I love jingles, slogans, and unusual situations that marketers place people or products.  To honor my appreciation for trying to sell a product, I thought I would share some of my favorite fashion advertisements/catalogue inserts from 1900-1950! 1900-1910 While this isn’s a true advertisement, I still find this fascinating as the shoes on display are simply to die for! 1910-1920 A cover for a clothing catalogue gives just a glimpse at some of the, I’m sure, wonderful items for sale.  Of course, a little support of the war effort doesn’t hurt either! 1920-1930 Need I explain why this is wonderful?  I didn’t think so! 🙂 Okay, I know this is an advert for Milky Way, but just look at how wonderful this couple is dressed.  If Milky Way gives you this sort of fashion sense, sign me up! 1930-1940 I hope she gets a picture of herself…look at that perfect finger wave! Fall fashion in both clothing and footwear…the perfect combo! 1940-1950 I only …

Tulip Shaped Apron

Fun, floral, and fall-inspired all describe this one of a kind apron.  Perfect as a gift for a friend, a family member, or for yourself! Materials: 1 yard solid fabric 3/4-1 yard contrast fabric Pattern: Process: Begin by sewing the bottom of each “petal” to the top, right sides together.  This is a little tricky as you have a pretty sharp turn to make in the middle, but with a little patience, you will end up with a clean look. 2. Stitch all the petals together, right sides.  Press and trim excess fabric near seams. 3. Hem all the raw edges.  Take your time around the edge of the apron to ensure a crisp and rounded edge. 4. Mark center of tie and pin to the center of the apron.  Continue pinning on both sides until you reach the end of the apron.  Stitch. 5.  Fold the waistband on itself, right sides together and pin from the end of the apron to the rod of the ties.  Stitch and then turn right side out.  Leave the …

Autumn Supper Parties

The foods of the fall season are as iconic as foods for Christmas.  Pumpkins, apples, squash, and of course, turkey, make their way to the dinner table in many homes during the month of October.  However, it seems as if large gatherings diminish during this time as the warm days of summer picnics come to an end.  To combat this apparent doldrum, why not host you own Autumn Supper Party.  Popular during the turn of the 20th century, these happy gatherings feature rustic decorations, hearty food, and plenty of happy company! Here is an excerpt from an article in Good Housekeeping (c. 1904) detailing the table decor and some rather interesting menu options… “Always use a bare table for a supper….veil its imperfections with doilies, small dishes, candles, and plenty of flowers.  To light the table, use silver or brass individual sticks if you have them, if not, invest in two pairs of the pretty twisted candlesticks to be had now for fifty cents a pair. In small dishes on the table have peeled radishes, …

Fall Bulb Planting

I promise myself every year that I will plant bulbs in the fall, and this year I am doing it!  I always have good intentions, and then the weather gets away from me and I am stuck with another year of a brown garden in the spring. Not this year!  🙂 As I began researching which bulbs to plant, where, and at what time, I was amazed at the variety of resources available, in addition to some wonderful vintage advice.  So I thought I would share my findings with all of you! Now Is the Time to Plant Your Bulbs by Helen Van Pelt Wilson “Gardens are ruled by a gay triumvirate – bulbs, perennials, and annuals – but in the spring the glorious flowering bulb is the mightiest of the three garden kings.   In long loved drifts blossoming bulbs will glorify even a tin garden from February until June and, if lilies are included, there will be scattered flowering far into September.  Planted with such bright ground covers as forget-me-nots, pansies, English daisies, …