Tulip Shaped Apron

Fun, floral, and fall-inspired all describe this one of a kind apron.  Perfect as a gift for a friend, a family member, or for yourself!


  • 1 yard solid fabric
  • 3/4-1 yard contrast fabric


Tulip Apron Pattern


  1. Begin by sewing the bottom of each “petal” to the top, right sides together.  This is a little tricky as you have a pretty sharp turn to make in the middle, but with a little patience, you will end up with a clean look.



2. Stitch all the petals together, right sides.  Press and trim excess fabric near seams.


3. Hem all the raw edges.  Take your time around the edge of the apron to ensure a crisp and rounded edge.

4. Mark center of tie and pin to the center of the apron.  Continue pinning on both sides until you reach the end of the apron.  Stitch.


5.  Fold the waistband on itself, right sides together and pin from the end of the apron to the rod of the ties.  Stitch and then turn right side out.  Leave the middle of the waistband (part connected to the apron) free.


6.  Fold the middle of the waistband over the wrong side of the apron and pin.


7.  Whipstitch or stitch in the ditch.


8.  Give it a good press, and you are all done!


Happy Sewing!



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