15 Fun Activities to do this Fall

What is better that enjoying a fall day?
Enjoying a fall day with friends, family, and maybe some delicious food!


I thought I would share 15 fun (and in many cases, free) activities to share with others in the goal of creating some wonderful golden memories.

Here we go!!
  1. Decorate for Fall.  I love the warm colors and the earthy nature of fall decorations.  For some beautiful ideas, check out this post from Eclectically Vintage.


Image from Eclectically Vintage

2. Make an apple pie.  Joy, from Joy the Baker, created this delicious looking apple pie.  Yummy!


Image from Joy the Baker

3. Get a head start on creating Thanksgiving cards!  A fun activity for the whole family, grandparents, aunts, and uncles alike will love getting a handmade card for this wonderful holiday.  This post from monkeyingaround.com offers a step by step tutorial for this card…


Image from monkeyingaround.com

4. Take a long walk to enjoy the turning fall leaves…

5. Host a Tailgate Party…in your own driveway! This party by Chris Nease from Celebrations at Home is awesome!  Enjoy pre-game outside and then head inside for game time…the best of both worlds!


Image from Celebrations at Home

6. Create a fall wreath.  This wonderful earthy wreath from Finding Home Farms is simply breathtaking!


Image from Finding Home Farms

7. Take some time to appreciate the adventurous spirt of the Bad Jelly Blog.  With a tagline of “Trying retro recipes so you don’t have to!”…it is a great way to spend an afternoon if you need a laugh and a little vintage fix!


Image from Bad Jelly Blog

8. Take the family fishing!  Coming from a family where fishing is very important, this is a great way to enjoy the outdoors and learn a new sport! Beginniner kits for fly fishing is a great way to start!


Image from Orvis

 9. Create a fall-inspired candle holder.  Alicia and Geneane from Spark & Chemistry created this wonderful fall candle holder.


Image from Spark & Chemistry

10. Have an outdoor bonfire.  Chilly weather shouldn’t stop you from enjoying the outdoors…just have the fire in the daytime when it is a bit warmer! 🙂


Image from Love Grows Wild

11. Go apple picking…the ultimate fall family outing!


Image from Southern Living.

12. Have pumpkin waffles for dinner!  Try this recipe from Pumpkin Waffles…I mean the name of the blog should be enough to convince you! 😉


Image from Pumpkin Waffles

13. Enjoy a long drive to see the stunning fall scenery!


14.  Make some delicious pumpkin muffins.  The Smitten Kitchen blog created this wonderful tutorial for these delicious looking muffins!


Image from Smitten Kitchen

15. Watch an old movie...complete with cozy blanket and buttery popcorn.  My favorite fall movie is the 1939 version of Wuthering Heights.  The chilly landscape adds to the desire for a warm blanket!


I hope you try one or all of these Autumn activities!


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