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Vintage rooms I would love to visit….

Sometimes I wish I could redo some room in my house in historical theme and then switch it back when I was through.  Unfortunately I have neither the time, energy, or money to accomplish such a task.  Therefore, I am left to dream about the fun of experiencing and living in various rooms from various time periods…without spending a dime. Here are a few of my favorite vintage rooms I would just love to spend a week living in! While I would never go so aggressive with one color in my bedroom today, I would love to try it out!  And this 1940’s purple inspired room would be so fun! This 1950’s kitchen is so homey and inviting.  I can already smell the apple pie cooking! I would absolutely love to having a living room just like the Ricardo’s second apartment…love the curtains! This 1950’s living room would be a wonderful place to read, chat, or take a nap! Equally as lovely is this 1940’s sitting room!  And who wouldn’t love to sip an ice cold …


Old Fashioned Window Boxes

I love window boxes!  I’m talking adore every little part of their sweetness and beauty!  However, my house really can’t have window boxes…..its a long story that ends in bitter sadness and then a quick but effective switch to the “over the railing flower boxes.” 🙂  But if any of you lucky ducks out there have window boxes or are thinking of getting window boxes, than know you have my utmost love and admiration! Below are a few of my most favorite window box ideas and their sources.  I hope they bring you some wonderful inspiration! This first one has amazing pops of color!  Don’t you just love their use of a hot pink window frame?! Image from Midwest Living This example really has the feel of the 1800’s to me.  Earthy, textural, and wild!  Love! Image from Better Homes and Gardens.  Click link to see the flowers used. Now this window box isn’t outside, it’s inside, and features potted herbs.  A wonderful option for those out there, like me, who can’t drill holes into their …

house plans

My New Obsession: Vintage House Plans

I have found the best way to learn about the past, or even appreciate the past, is by researching and studying how people lived.  Of course events and such are helpful, but taking a look at how the average person lived their life really opens up their world to you.  For this very reason, I have a rather large cookbook collection and enjoy reading them over and over again, to get a feel for what and how peopled valued certain events or occasions. The same discovery can be made by looking at house plans.  Of course, many of the examples out there may not have been realistic for all families, but they do give you a fantastic glimpse into the architecture of the time and what people valued.  Number of bathrooms, bedrooms, dens, patios, etc. are all so fascinating to look at and appreciate.  I also love to get ideas on landscaping from many of these examples as they are quite sweet! I have chosen a few of my favorite houses to share with you! …


Finding Kitchen Canisters

I simply adore kitchen canisters and find them to be a triple threat in the kitchen.  What does that mean?  It means they are attractive, a space saver, and keeps your food fresh. With all that, how can you go wrong?! The other lovely thing about canisters, is they help enhance the look or theme of your kitchen in a very affordable way.  When I redecorated my kitchen last year, I specifically searched for canisters that would add to the look without losing any more space on my kitchen counters.  While no longer available, these are the canisters I choose for my kitchen: Ready to find some wonderful canisters of your own?  Here are a few different styles to help get you started!   Red Canisters from Wayfair   Antique Canisters from Amazon     Forbury Sugar Canister from Anthropologie   Cambria Crock from Pottery Barn Happy Shopping! Have you signed up for my monthly newsletter? Click HERE to enter your email so you can begin receiving fun updates!


A Love for “What-Not” Shelves

I had never heard of the term “what-not” to explain a shelf until I was in my teen years shopping around an antique store.  The shelves that earned this name were usually made of wood and often were painted white.  A few had graduated shelving sizes while others were uniform and made to mount on a wall.  Similar to this style… While shelves from the 1880’s-1950’s varied in size, style, and location, their purpose never changed: to display one’s most treasured items! While the term “what-not” isn’t used as often, the technique is still very much alive, and with even more creative shelving styles!  I have collected several of my favorite examples of shelves featured in a variety of places in the home. Here we go! These open shelves in a kitchen, are perfect to display dishes and treasured pottery! Image from Adorn Inc. Suitcases are a great option for an office or above a small desk in a bedroom. Available for purchase from PB Teen. This display is ideal for those true Victorian lovers…look …


The Art of Shopping

” You know what you want to buy for your home and you have the money required.  You carefully prepare a list of the articles needed and this seems to you to be all the preparation for your shopping expedition any one could ask.  But the professional decorator will tell you that there are in this ‘game’ certain rules which if followed give the buyer double the value for money spent.  We would give as the first and most important rule for shopping the careful preparation of your lists and as the second rule a conscientious sticking to your list until the articles on it have been bought.  It is by observing this second rules that the expert shopper saves time and money. If you are buying cretonnes, chintzes, or brocades for your rooms wear imaginary ‘blinders’ and keep on walking past the counters which show table linen.  First get those things you came for; that is good ‘technique,’ there is something clean cut about this method.  If you still have time lift you can …


Shall We Move to the Country?

” ‘ The best place to live is in the country.’  ‘ Let’s move to the country where we can have plenty of good food, lots of elbow room, and plenty of fresh air and sunshine.’  ‘A home on a little land will give us a chance to be independent.’  Thus, many person who live in towns or cities dream or talk enthusiastically of owning a place in the country where they may live and raise food and other products for home use and sale. This desire to leave the crowded city is so strongly felt by many persons that it has been aptly termed ‘the call of the land.’ In recent years, the number of people who have heeded this call has steadily increased. Many of these people are establishing homes on small plots of land which vary in size from a few acres down to an acre or less.  This trend toward living on a little land is especially noticeable in the “fringe” or suburban areas on the outskirts of most large cities …

living room

Rearranging the Living Room

I often wish I had a larger living room.  Not that there is anything specifically wrong or frustrating about my living room, but as it is rather small.  Due to it’s size, the room doesn’t easily lend itself to much rearranging…something I love to do.  It never use to bother me that much, until I purchased a 1950’s decorating book at a flea market and realized the value and appeal of a larger living area.  Not because I want to shove in more expensive furniture, or to host large dinner parties, but because of a long forgotten aspect of a vintage living room…the game table. When I came across this addition, highly recommended in any proper living room, I instantly fell in love.  To create a space in the common living area where a person can write, catch up with the local newspapers, and more importantly, play games without sitting on the floor, is such an appealing aspect to family living.  This little area isn’t meant to replace an office, but to be a spot for mutual …