19th Century Hairstyles

Nothing quite finishes off an outfit like a great hairstyle.  And when it comes to historical outfits and reenactments, like it or not, the right hairstyle is vital.  Nothing, in my opinion, ruins a lovely historical gown then a scrunchie and a messy bun.  I have seen it.  It bothers me.  You definitely do not need to create some elaborate design, but a proper bun or braid just makes such a difference!

In my experience, the length of hair really isn’t all that important, as there are many tricks and pieces to use.  In fact, I have shoulder length hair and have no trouble creating a passable 1850’s look.  Even those with short hair can use extensions, winglets, appropriate caps or nets etc. to help maintain authenticity.  While I have limited experience with the unique Apollo knot styles of the 1830’s, the majority of the styles from the 19th century can be recreated with a bit of practice.

Several years ago, I created a few tutorials for hairstyles.  They are linked below:

1860’s Braided Hairstyle

1860’s Twist with a Bun

How to Make a Hair Rat – The Modern Way

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