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Aimee Cook is fashion history educator, author of the blog Inside Aimee’s Victorian Armoire, curator of The 19th Century Living History Resource Page, and owner of the online shop Aimee’s Victorian Armoire.  With two degrees in history and education, and over twenty years of historical sewing experience, Aimee spends her times working and speaking at local museums, running historical based workshops, and offering a wide variety of ready made and custom women’s clothing and digital patterns.

“My journey to historical sewing began as a young girl eager to become more creative and get in touch with the past.  From the age of ten I spent my free time sewing clothes for my dolls and working hard to improve my technique and skill level.  College vacations were spent creating new historical garments from patterns I curated from the internet, stores, and random garage sales.  Then in 2009, I began to sell my historical clothing over the internet as a fun side hobby while I was a full time Social Studies teacher. My love for the art continued to grow, and I began to desire new avenues to share my love for not only historical fashion, but also historical living, and cooking.  Therefore in 2013, I started this blog, Aimee’s Victorian Armoire (same name as my online business), as a way to connect and share with other likeminded individuals around the world!  So whether you love the 1810’s, 1890’s, or 1940’s you will find a spot where all decades are embraced, past looks are admired, and sewing skills can be improved.”

I am so happy you found me!!

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  1. Dear Aimee,
    I am a direct descendant of several Mayflower passengers and American Patriots. The more I have investigated my family, the more I have become enchanted with the past. I am a native Californian and until a few years ago, lived in a one story ranch style home. Now, I live in a large antebellum Italianate Home, circa 1858, on the Mississippi River, in Louisiana, Missouri. Our town has so much history, some I hope to present during a tour of our neighborhood homes in October of this year. Thank you for sharing! Marilyn

  2. Michelle Caci-Rogers

    Dear Aimee,
    I love what I have been reading!!!! You are from a hop a skip and a jump away! I am in Seneca Falls.(Ok a little bit east) Will you be attending Mumford this coming weekend? My Unit will be there and my whole week is going to be spent sewing in preparation!!!!

    I love the information and ideas here and keep it up!

    my email is michcaci@yahoo.com

  3. Michelle Caci-Rogers

    Reynold’s Battery L out of Rochester. I am new and just getting started. I need to make a chemise, I am fixing a corset from acrylic to steel bones. I have remodeled a dress that was wrong for the period. I am going to make an apron and design a bonnet. BY FRIDAY. hahahahaha

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