A lover of all things historical, a sewer on a journey to the past, and a pilgrim on the search for a beautiful life: Inside Aimee’s Victorian Armoire is a collection of projects I have made, stories that inspire me, and a lifestyle I wish to share with others.  Interested in bringing more beauty to your life?…Join me on a journey of your own!

Aimee Cook is the author of the blog Inside Aimee’s Victorian Armoire and owner of the online shop Aimee’s Victorian Armoire. Aimee has a bachelor’s degree in History, a master’s degree in Differentiated Instruction, and currently resides in New York.  A self-taught seamstress, Aimee offers a wide variety of ready-made and custom made historical clothing.








“My journey to historical sewing began as a young girl eager to become more creative and get in touch with the past.  From the age of ten I spent my free time sewing clothes for my dolls and working hard to improve my technique and skill level.  College vacations were spent creating new historical garments from patterns I curated from the internet, stores, and random garage sales.  Then in 2009, I began to sell my historical clothing over the internet as a fun side hobby.  My love for the art continued to grow, and I began to desire new avenues to share my love for not only historical fashion, but also historical living, and cooking.  Therefore in 2013, I started this blog, Aimee’s Victorian Armoire (same name as my online business), as a way to connect and share with other likeminded individuals around the world!  So whether you love the 1810’s, 1890’s, or 1940’s you will find a spot where all decades are embraced, past looks are admired, and sewing skills can be improved.”

I am so happy you found me!!

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  1. Dear Aimee,
    I am a direct descendant of several Mayflower passengers and American Patriots. The more I have investigated my family, the more I have become enchanted with the past. I am a native Californian and until a few years ago, lived in a one story ranch style home. Now, I live in a large antebellum Italianate Home, circa 1858, on the Mississippi River, in Louisiana, Missouri. Our town has so much history, some I hope to present during a tour of our neighborhood homes in October of this year. Thank you for sharing! Marilyn

  2. Michelle Caci-Rogers

    Dear Aimee,
    I love what I have been reading!!!! You are from a hop a skip and a jump away! I am in Seneca Falls.(Ok a little bit east) Will you be attending Mumford this coming weekend? My Unit will be there and my whole week is going to be spent sewing in preparation!!!!

    I love the information and ideas here and keep it up!

    my email is michcaci@yahoo.com

  3. Michelle Caci-Rogers

    Reynold’s Battery L out of Rochester. I am new and just getting started. I need to make a chemise, I am fixing a corset from acrylic to steel bones. I have remodeled a dress that was wrong for the period. I am going to make an apron and design a bonnet. BY FRIDAY. hahahahaha

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