A Few Household Hints

June is winding down.  A beautiful reminder though, that summer is now officially in full swing and along with it the wonderful holidays, vacations, and simple relaxation that comes with the warmer weather.  Even as I write this, I am enjoying the delightful summer sun and breeze on my front porch…although I have just now noticed how weedy my front beds have become and how that little creeper vine keeps creeping closer.  I guess my “spring cleaning” isn’t quite over yet.

Have you been able to get everything on your spring cleaning list accomplished?  I  came so close and then lost steam.  But if you are interested in learning some helpful “Household Hints” from women of the past to maintain your spring-cleaned” house, just keep reading:

Emptying the Sweeper

If one will sprinkle a large piece of paper with water (must as clothes are sprinkled) it will keep the dust of the carpet sweeper from flying when emptied on it.  The wet paper is equally good, of course, for use when the vacuum cleaner is emptied.

Paraffin in the Kitchen

Keep a cup of shaved paraffin in an enamel cup on the back of the stove where it is ready to be melted at an instant’s notice.  When you are through with olive oils or flavoring extracts of any sort, cork the bottles and dip the heads of the bottles into slightly cooled wax, in this way preserving the strength.

Removing Marks of Hot Dishes

Use a thin paste of salad oil and salt to remove marks made by hot dishes on your polished table top.  Spread over the marred spot, leave for an hour or two and then rub off gently with a soft cloth.

Stop Squeaking Doors

If you are troubled with a door hinge squeaking take either a bit of soap of a soft lead pencil and rub over the squeaking place.  The noise will stop at once.

Use a Thimble

When hanging freshly laundered curtains on rods that snag and pull the curtain, place a thimble over the end of a rod and it will slide through.

I may have to try the salad oil on a few marks on my dining room table, and my bathroom door has been squeaking a lot lately…  🙂

I have to say that overall, June has been a banner month.  I was excited to have a “Rapid Interview” with Jessica from Chronically Vintage, as well as a sewing tutorial featured on Sew Mama Sew.  I also have several other collaborations in the works that I can’t wait to share with you over the next few months….stay tuned!

July promises to be just as exciting with family visits, patriotic holidays to celebrate, and not to mention creating posts for next month (which has a theme I am very excited about.)

I wish you all a happy and sunny rest of June, and will see you all in July!


Source: 1922 Women’s Weekly: Home and Arts “Household Hints”

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