A Variety of Hairstyles

I came across this picture of a collection of different hairstyles!


I loved how varied the styles are and the various ages shown.   I hope this adds to your repertoire of Civil War era hairstyles!  If there is a style you would like to see a tutorial of, please let me know!

Enjoy your weekend!

5 thoughts on “A Variety of Hairstyles

  1. I did my hair like the first picture with flannel rags and it looked so amazing. the only problem was if the event happened to have muggy weather–then it flopped 🙂 I love the pictures!

      • It looked so good that I had girls lining up to have it done 🙂 I finally got to realize my dream of being a beautician We kept the rags in overnight (they were really comfortable in comparison to curlers and everyone’s hair looked so smooth before the dance. It was funny walking around Gettysburg all day with a bunch of girls looking like Raggedy Ann, but you’d be surprised at how many old people were thrilled by the memories it brought them of their childhoods.

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