A Sampling of Vintage Kitchens

Over the summer, I decided to redecorate my kitchen.  A very fun process that took my predominately red-based room into one that featured a blend of old and new, along with a variety of bright, sherbet colors.  I am so in love with it that I am hesitant to put out any of my fall decorations as I don’t want to change a single thing.  Maybe next month I will be ready! 🙂

I thought that I would share a few different kitchen styles from the early 20th century in case any of you are in the mood for a little revamp.  I also included some items that I felt were inspired by these wonderful decades!


Plenty of storage space, wood cabinets, and clean lines are the hallmark of a 1910’s kitchen.

1910's Kitchens


1910’s Inspired Stoneware Bowl


Colorful, vibrant, and tastefully decorated are the signs of the 1920’s….

1920's Kitchen

March apron

1920’s Apron Tutorial

1930’s kitchens are cheery, and often monochromatic…..a indicator of the upcoming 1940’s kitchens.

1930's Kitchen


1930’s Inspired Floral Bowl 


At times dripping in ruffles, lace, and colorful prints, the 1940’s kitchens are truly iconic.

1940's Kitchen



1940’s Inspired Clock

So go ahead and choose one style, or blend them all…either way, your kitchen will turn out wonderful!


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