Accessories: 1950’s Tulip Capelet

I came across a picture of this adorable little cape in a 1950’s sewing magazine a few weeks ago and simply fell in love.  I knew I wished to recreate this look and was very pleased at how easy and quick this was to put together.  From start to finish (including cut out time) it took just under an hour and with some pressing, this little capelet is the perfect cover for any 1950’s summer dress!


1  1/2 -2 yards of fabric (depends on width of fabric)

Pattern:  1 square equals 1 inch

Tulip Capelet Pattern

You will also need to cut out one 36″ x 2″ strip for the tie that goes into the casing around the neck.


1. Stitch together all ten pieces of the capelet, right sides together, but make sure not to stitch into a circle.  Repeat with lining pieces.

Place the two pieces right sides together and pin.


2.  Stitch around all outer edges, but leave the front seams open.  You will whipstitch these closed later.


3.  Turn right side out and press.


4.  Pin the location for the casing and stitch.  You can also turn under the front seams, pin, and whipstitch.




Stitch the ties, turn right side out, press, and then insert through the casing.

I was also honored to be interviewed by Jessica from Chronically Vintage.  Please visit her amazing sight to check out not only my answers but her  as well!

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1920’s House Apron

If you have an urge to use up some of your fabric stash, or simply have an hour to spare for some much needed crafting time, try this easy tutorial to make a charming slip-over apron.  Based on an 1926 pattern, this adorable apron features a scooped front, slightly gathered back, and two fabric ties.


1 yard (36″ wide) of cotton fabric

5 yards of bias tape

Optional: rickrack


Paper or spare fabric to make pattern

ruler and marker

Scissors and pins

Sewing Machine

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