The 1919 Ensemble

This particular outfit took a lot out of me.  It seemed quite innocent from the start, however by the completion of the fur collar, I was pin-pricked numerous times and ended up at the eye doctor for faux fur in the eye….not a happy time!  My only saving grace on this project is that it actually turned out and is rather cute.

The base design started off with the same shape as the 1920’s One Piece Dress, however it features a shorter top with a long skirt.  The skirt, for whatever reason gave me the most amount of stress, as I was trying to get the tapered in look as seen in so many examples, yet was not having any luck.  Therefore I followed actual photographs instead and just went with a normal ankle length design.

What I wanted….


What I followed instead….


To me, these skirts did not taper in as much as the above pictures did, and therefore dictated how I created my own skirt.

Here are the pictures of my completed design, along with one displaying the removable fur collar:







Have a fantastic day!


6 thoughts on “The 1919 Ensemble

  1. Gorgeous dress! I love Edwardian fashions at the moment, and this is perfect!
    I’m sorry about your injuries though. Fur in the eye sounds really nasty!

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