Historical Fashion
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Color and You!

This particular topic I have great respect for…finding the right color for your complexion.  Over the past few months, we have discussed finding the right scent and learning to be yourself through dress, that now it seems only right to learn the proper clothing colors to wear.

Although not a new topic, many fashion designers for hundreds of years have been offering their particular take on choosing the right tone for each individual.  Even recently, this idea continues to be reinvented and followed by women all around the globe.


A rebirth of color styling came from Carole Jackson and her Color Me Beautiful Series during the 1980’s


A more modern take…


During this month of learning, take some time to refresh or explore for the first time, the vast colors of the rainbow that are calling your name!  For a little vintage help, why not try the following charts.

color chart 1

color chart 2

So whether you view yourself as a season, a scheme, or a rainbow of color, let yourself shine this month!


Source: Harmony in Dress by Mary Brooks Picken, 1925


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