Beauty for the Traveler

I don’t know if it is just me, but I never feel that as look as good when I get ready in a hotel versus at home.  I use the same products, apply everything in the same manner, yet I think to myself “eh….it’s been better.”  Then I remember… I forgot my foundation.

Yep, that would explain the difference!

Oh and that new bottle of sunscreen with the light floral scent I bought specifically for this trip…it’s on the shelf in my linen closet.  Sigh…

Perhaps I should have followed this wonderful advice from a 1930’s author:

“Vacation time finds us all atingle.  For aren’t we all going somewhere, even if it’s only for a day or so?  Most summers I’ll warrant you’ve planned for your vacation weeks ahead, and then, at the last minute, as an afterthought, you tucked a jar of cold cream in your bag and forgot to take it out until a night or two before you came home.  And, instead of arriving home a dazzling vision of health, your nose was red and peeling, and you had an unbecoming half-burn, half-tan that took months to wear off.  Skin must be cared for on long trips by motor, train, or boat, and beauty care must be continued consistently just as at home.

Experienced travelers “travel light” for too much baggage is a vexation.  Therefore, preparation is key when it comes to packing.  For skin care, I recommend assembling a beauty kit with all of the essential items of skin care.  In addition to your cold creams and lotions, you’ll very likely need extra cleansing tissues, too, and a roll of absorbent cotton, the latter providing convenient powder puffs that can be used and thrown away.  The small guest-size cakes of soap are very handy, especially for short trips.  A holder for your toothbrush is also indispensable.  Then, of course, you’ll need toothpaste, a nailbrush, and a brush and comb, and you’ll do well to include dental floss.  Don’t forget that care of your hands, either.  You can secure complete manicure sets in flat, easy-to-pack boxes.  And by all means, take along a lipstick.  

Suppose, with these suggestions in mind, you list the most necessary articles for personal comfort and grooming, considering the sort of vacation you plan to take.  Then there will be no last minute confusion and you’ll have a pleasanter and more successful trip.”

I wish you all better luck than I have had with packing, and may your sunscreen always be waiting for you in your toiletry bag!


Source: Fashion Service, 1931

Painting by Emilian Lăzărescu (1878-1934), ‘Cochetărie’, oil on board.

Beauty Care for the Traveler

7 thoughts on “Beauty for the Traveler

  1. I love it, … thank You Aimee!

    I always found packing the things I need to use at the last minute/morning I am leaving (tooth brush and face moisturizer for example) the most difficult to deal with. My last few trips I simplified the bulk of my packing by putting a suitcase where it wasn’t in my way and packing it close to a week before I left. Then I had plenty of time to nip in and add the things I’d forgotten as they occurred to me. But couldn’t put in the products I used daily until the last minute. (And no this advance packing is a symptom of my disorganized, not my being obsessive.) I might add that the last several trips I took included two dogs and packing for a dog, especially one on meds adds a whole something extra to the experience.

    • I like the idea of packing a week ahead. It would make sure you didn’t forget anything and that you wouldn’t overpack since you had time to think about what goes in. And bless you for traveling with pets…..I love that idea. A true family vacation!
      Have a beautiful day!

  2. Patricia Cash

    After years of always forgetting something. I have two beauty bag, one for home and one for travel. Now all I have to do is remember to bring the travel bag with everything in it I will need.

  3. I’m in the process of building up a travel-friendly bag for business trips. I can sometimes use sample sizes from Sephora, especially for one-night trips, or deluxe samples for longer stays. But I never bring something I’ve never tried on a trip! I generally try to remember to pack my cosmetics bag as I’m doing my morning and evening routines the day or so before so that I remember things in the travel bag as I use them and don’t forget anything.

    That said, I’m going for a weekend at Boyfriend’s family’s lake house soon and I think the only “makeup” I’m packing is tinted moisturizer and tinted lip balm. We’ll see how that goes!

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