Pearls, pearls, pearls….


Classy, elegant, and if purchasing fresh water, quite affordable.  Pearls have long been used as jewelry for the upper classes, but gradually became a part of the average woman’s wardrobe thanks to the ever glamorous Coco Chanel.  While I am personally a single strand wearer, there are so many different types with multiple layers in multiple lengths, that the easiest thing is to purchase one of each kind! 🙂

In preparation for this post, I have scoured and found several photographs that range from the 1860’s to the 1950’s featuring a wide variety of pearl necklaces.

pearl one

pearl two

What I love about pearls, in comparison with other fine pieces of jewelry, is that they can be worn just as easily with casual outfits as with elegant ones.

Here are a few of my favorite modern pieces of pearl jewelry in a variety of affordable prices.

Modern Pearl Necklace from Amanda Deer – Starts at $36


Back Drop Pearl Necklace from Jam Jewels 1  – Starts at $68


Multi-Strand Pearl Necklace from Lola and Madison – $95


So drape on a few strands of pearls and enjoy the day!


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