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Are you a beginner/intermediate sewer looking to expand your knowledge and skill?  

Historical enthusiast thinking about joining a living history group or museum?

Thinking of creating pieces from the 1810’s, 1850’s-1860’s, or 1870’s?

Interested in learning more about fashion and life from the 19th century?

Looking to get some real traction on your journey fromm thinking about living history to DOING living history? 

Then the 19th Century Living History Membership is just for you!

Gain premium access to exclusive 19th century content, videos, live Q&A sessions, and sewing tutorials with this monthly membership.

The 19th Century Living History Membership offers a wide variety of accessible sources to those eager to expand their knowledge and skill of the 19th century.  With topics, sources, and projects perfect for beginner to moderate sewers and living historians, members are able to learn at their own speed with unlimited access to current and future content.  


  • Video and visual tutorials on sewing techniques, sewing patterns, and how to plan and create your own historical clothing.
  • Access video courses, created by me, that are broken down into lessons you can watch as many times as you like!
  • Learn to make accessories and gowns from the 19th century.


  • Access carefully curated primary sources on 19th century living and fashion.
  • Gain a better understanding of life and style of the 1800’s to help improve your own historical knowledge and fashion eye.
  • Watch academic style lectures on various topics of 19th century fashion



  • Learn tips and tricks to create your own living history persona.
  • Plan and create your own historical wardrobe along with ways to get you to and from your events.
  • Discover resources aimed to get you actively involved in the living history community


Aimee is the owner and head designer of Aimee’s Victorian Armoire.  With over twenty years of historical sewing experience and ten years as an educator, Aimee has merged her love of history and fashion into a thriving business.


Here I am working with two other new living historians as I guide them on how to recreate an original garment.  In this case, we are recreating the 1860’s patriotic apron created by Mary Hines Fox which is on display at Gettysburg,PA.


Read on for a special note from Aimee:

“For the past 18 years, after a lot of work, research, and hundreds of gowns later, I have worked hard to create a thriving historical clothing business and blog.  I have created gowns for local and state museums, for various events and museums in Europe, and during the summers I  spend my weekends as a historical artisan seamstress at a local museum. Let me tell you, its been quite a journey!

But are you ready for this?


I’m talking about a tailored, structured place where you can go from wanting to be a part of living history, to attending your first event!  From thinking about sewing to creating your first historical garment.

Let me tell you, the living history community is ALIVE and THRIVING!  We need and want you!

But compared to when I began my own journey in historical sewing (pre – Pinterest…can you believe that?!?!),  there is a vast wealth of knowledge out there that it can feel overwhelming.

 I get that.

Enter the 19th Century Living History Membership.  This monthly membership (with a strong emphasis on 1810’s and 1850’s-1870’s content) focuses on getting you out of the depths of too much content and into a concrete place with real traction.  Learn what you need and don’t need to attend your first event.  Learn sewing techniques that will help you create many of those items yourself.  Read carefully selected primary sources aimed to give you a holistic understanding of fashion in the 19th century.  Learn ways to connect with local museums and living history groups.  Join me for monthly Q & A’s to have YOUR questions answered.

Are you ready to take your historical passion to the next level?  Lets do this!”


My Mission

I believe that living history is not only an enjoyable hobby and passion, but a way to educate future generations.  Through carefully curated sources, I aim to provide others with a multi-dimensional experience to enhance both their personal and living history knowledge and personas.  I believe that historical accuracy and a positive living history community are vital to bridging the gap between yesterday and today. 

I believe in a diverse and inclusive living history community which aims to honor, reflect, and learn from history.  

All are welcome here and all are encouraged to learn, grow, and connect.


Are you ready to learn, sew, create, and explore more??



For just $5 a month, you will receive premium access to the current 19th Century Living History catalogue along with new content added each month (1-2 posts a month!)

Start your free 14 day trial today!


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