Inspiration Board: Yellow Gowns

Following in the mood of Friday’s musical post, I thought I would share this lovely still from the musical Calamity Jane starring Doris Day.  What makes this scene so entrancing to me is that Doris, or should I say Calamity Jane, looks absolutely stunning in this buttery yellow gown!



This exact scene proved to me that blondes could wear yellow…a self-imposed restriction I had long imposed upon my fashion sense was blown right out of the window!

Yellow is fresh, airy, the essence of summer, and a color that shows up everywhere in nature.  Canary, buttercream, marigold, or lemon are just a few of the plethora of shades in which yellow can appear and each one deserves a place in your wardrobe!

So go ahead and done nature’s most “sunny” color…I know I sure will!


Yellow Gown Collage

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