The Lipstick of Summer: Coral

coral lipstick

I have exactly one tube of coral lipstick.  I wear it maybe once or twice a summer and only on occasions when I am feeling bold or adventurous.  I am not sure where the hesitation comes from, but I find coral to be a brighter color to wear than red.  Sometimes I feel the need to talk myself up to slathering on a layer….a problem I never have when it comes to wearing hot pink?

But apart from my own oddities, coral truly is the happiest of colors to wear during the summer months.  It speaks of sun, health, and (in my case) courage!  But just like many colors, not every shade of coral works on every skin shade.  You have to play around a bit to find that perfect blend which adds to your overall glow… not the other way around.

To help you on your search, I have found four lovely shades of coral in differing color tones, finishes, and prices!  I hope they encourage you (as they have me) to embrace this happy, “beachy” color!

Maybeline Coral Ambition   $8


Maybeline Color Whisper – Coral Ambition


MAC Ablaze     $17


MAC Ablaze Bright Apricot Cream Matte

Rich and Famous  Coral Lombard     $26


Rich and Famous Coral Lombard


Besame Cosmetics  Carmine $22


Carmine Lipstick

So go and let your lips match the wonderful summer fun around you!


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