On My Inspiration Board: Silver Gowns

Silver is one of those colors that can come in a range of hues and descriptions.  Icy tones, glowing metal, and can even merge into those wonderful shades of grey with that magic hint of glitter.  Silver gowns are a luxury and therefore make the perfect party dress…no matter the century.  The weight of the fabric and the details in which you put on it, all add to the uniqueness of each dress.

Check out this 1920’s silver dress…perfect for a party!



I chose to use silver as this month’s color choice for the simple reason that it is not as often used doing the month of December.  Gold, warms hues of red, and hunter greens dominate the scene, yet silver is and should be as much of a color of the holidays as the previous three.  I find that combining all the colors throughout one’s house decorations, outfits, and table settings, can reap a rich lushness.

Silver isn’t just a cold metal, it, like the icicles forming in the winter air, is all colors blinking and shining together.  Just place some silver in the sunlight and you will see what I mean! 😉

Silver Gowns


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