On My Inspiration Board: Lavender Gowns

lavender cover

Everyone at some point in their lives goes through a lavender phase.  I remember mine was in jr. high and into high school where most of my clothes, and my room, was covered in various tones of lavender.  It is such an easy color to love and looks great on a variety of skin tones.  While researching and choosing gowns to feature in this post, I was delighted to see so many examples from a variety of time periods.  It seems woman through out the past two hundred years have also seen the appeal that lavender has to offer.

I also found some absolutely wonderful paintings featuring lavender hued gowns!  Here are a few of my favorites:




While two of the three are trimmed in darker purple tones, they are overall wonderful examples of lavender gowns. With so many beautiful examples, it was (as usual) hard to choose ones to highlight, so as always, make sure to hop over to my Pinterest Page to see more gowns.

lavender gowns

Looking for a modern lavender gown to wear now?  My favorite right now is this long maxi dress from ModCloth.  Absolutely gorgeous!!


Maxi Dress from ModCloth

Have a wonderful day!!


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