Seaside Bungalows and Forest Retreats


I think everyone can agree that if you are looking for a place to relax, heading to the mountains or the ocean is a good idea.  I know those two locations tend to be my go to! 🙂  Many others who, perhaps, can’t escape the city life all that often, try to create a mini retreat right in their own home.  This is a wonderful idea for anyone looking for a calming and “vacation-y” space to come home to each night.

Of course, heading away to a beautiful spot is not an unusual or brand new idea.  People for decades have been craving space to relax in, and many are fortunate enough to own a little piece of land right along the shore line or tree line.  This trend really began to build around the end of the 19th century with the rising middle class, and books were written specifically to help these new summer vacationers build their homes just right.

Henry Saylor wrote Bungalows: Their Design, Construction, and Furnishing: With Suggestions for Camps, Summer Homes, and Cottages of Similar Character, in 1911 specifically for this growing population.  And even though that is one long title, I do find the subject and text fascinating.  Here are few pages from the book highlighting seaside and forest bungalows:



Read that middle paragraph again between the two pictures.

What a beautiful thought that the colors of the house should “secure that intimate relationship between a home and its surroundings that conveys an impression of peace and stability rather than eternal strife and unfitness.”  Let us all hope that our homes (inside and out) convey peace and stability to others and those that dwell in them.



I love how the author describes the need for the construction of the seaside home to be built to catch the ocean breezes….ahhhhh….what a thought!  Of course, it wouldn’t be a post about homes without a few house plans…here are a few of my favorites that I could see in the mountains or along the coast line.



So even if you don’t have a little place somewhere, make your little place now, that little somewhere!…..if that makes sense! 😉

Happy Monday everyone!


My New Obsession: Vintage House Plans

house plans

I have found the best way to learn about the past, or even appreciate the past, is by researching and studying how people lived.  Of course events and such are helpful, but taking a look at how the average person lived their life really opens up their world to you.  For this very reason, I have a rather large cookbook collection and enjoy reading them over and over again, to get a feel for what and how peopled valued certain events or occasions.

The same discovery can be made by looking at house plans.  Of course, many of the examples out there may not have been realistic for all families, but they do give you a fantastic glimpse into the architecture of the time and what people valued.  Number of bathrooms, bedrooms, dens, patios, etc. are all so fascinating to look at and appreciate.  I also love to get ideas on landscaping from many of these examples as they are quite sweet!

I have chosen a few of my favorite houses to share with you!  Enjoy!


Sweet, charming, and the perfect cottage!  I adore the front entry way and the chimney in the front.


This next plan is wonderful as it is meant for a warmer climate, and features a wonderful sleeping porch!


A very grand family home, this example even shows you sample ways to decorate.



While I am not sure how I feel about the bedroom being so far up front, I love the full size porch!


This one is my personal favorite!  I love how grand it looks, yet is still one floor!  And the two patio areas in the front are such a nice touch.



I love the Spanish influence in this home!


Although very small the charm of this home can’t be beat.  I even love the small little porch peeking out form the back.



With such a strong change in house shape and look, both of these floor plans are easily marked as 1950!

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And of course, one can not forget the all important vacation home floor plans!  🙂


Many of you may recognize these floor plans as you may live in a house just like it….I know I sure do!  I hope it can give you a new appreciation for the thought and care that went into designing many of these homes!

Have a wonderful day!