Holiday Goodies

holiday goodies

Despite the plethora of available cookie recipes at Christmastime, I only bake two types.  They are mine and my husband’s favorite and there never seems to a reason to bake any others (but never say never right? 😉  However, on Christmas Eve I love trying something new for dessert.  My rules for this dessert are fairly simple: it must be easy, must be fairly light (especially after a heavy meal), and, of course, it must be delicious.

After spending a few wonderful hours researching and deciding I have, I believe, found what I want to make for this year.  Although I do have a few weeks to still change my mind! 🙂

In the meantime, I thought I would share with you a few of my favorite ideas both from this year and from years past.

While I am not very good at decorating or elaborate creations as pictured below, I did like the idea of individual Victorian sandwiches.


Jello cake is delicious, light, and moist!  Yum!!


The recipe for Lemon Marshmallow cookies from a 1919 Good Housekeeping, seemed very unique and fresh!


This Peppermint Stick cake sounds absolutely delicious!  They would even be good as cupcakes… 🙂


Very elegant and seasonal, this cake would be lovely sitting out on a buffet table tempting all those who happen to walk by!


I made this candlelight cake before and it was a big hit!  While it was a little tricky finding a candle large enough, I would definitely make this again…it would be good as an angel food cake as well!


What are your dessert traditions during the holidays?  

Whatever they are, I hope they rise beautifully, are moist and tender, and appreciated by all!

Happy Baking!