Vintage Celebrity Advertisements


I love doing research!  It is amazing the types of things one finds by just digging around the internet.  Take for example this advert featuring Maureen O’Hara for Starkist Tuna:


Not exactly the product you would expect a Hollywood star to be promoting, however it did lead me down a path to searching for other celebrity ads.  While many of the ones I have chosen to show you, aren’t as unique as the one above, they do feature a wide range of celebrities.

 So let’s take a little trip down vintage advertising lane!

This one features Veronica Lake and LUX soap…I don’t think I have ever seen another advert featuring Miss Lake, which I why I thought I’d share it.


A very common face on advertising pages, this one of Judy Garland features Max Factor’s Pan-Cake Makeup.


Another rarely seen face, this face powder advertisement features actress Yvonne DeCarlo.


One of my favorite comedienne actresses, Betty Hutton, looks adorable in a white tennis outfit sipping Lipton Ice Tea.


America’s sweetheart Doris Day looks picture perfect on this add for Lustre-Creme Shampoo!


While only offering three color choices, this Max Factor adds features Lana Turner as a brunette.


Anther lovely Hollywood actress, this advertisement for Gypsy Glow powder features Esther Williams.


I hope you have enjoyed this little flashback of vintage products with vintage faces!
Have a beautiful day!


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