Finding and Creating Your Own Vintage Perfume Bottle


I have an absolute love for small glass bottles, especially if they are full of wonderful smelling perfume.  However, I have noticed that, like many things, they just don’t make them like they used to.  Vintage perfume bottles were ornate, colorful, and, at least in my opinion, made you feel as elegant using as you did wearing the scent.  Just look at the following examples to see what I mean:




I simply adore the green one!  Sigh…..  And while there are some absolutely stunning scents offered today, the bottles are not as feminine as the above examples.

However, there are many ways, and examples, to create your own elegant perfume bottle if you don’t mind not having a spray pump.   While it is difficult to find such ornate examples as shown above,  I have gathered a few of my favorite choices.  Many of them come with more than one bottle…perfect for makeup remover or body oil!

Simply click the link below each picture to purchase the bottles.


Vintage Glass Bottles from Lights and Decor


Clear Vintage Bottles from Luna Bazaar


Small Perfume Bottles from Office Supply


Vintage Cut Glass Perfume Bottle from Lo and Co Vintage

Of course, after you have found your perfect bottle, why not use a lovely vintage inspired label?  Simply print out and decoupage onto a bottle of your choice.


Free Downloadable Images from Luna Girl 



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