From My Sewing Table: August

Everything slows down in the warm weather.  Bees buzz slowly from one bloom to the next, dogs pant sleepily in the shade, and parents sit in folding chairs watching their children (the only ones not moving slow) dart like water spiders in and out of the sprinklers.  All can feel, especially in the north, the countdown begin for Autumn.  You, of course, don’t dare speak it out loud for fear of neighborly reproach, but all are quite aware of the summer’s fleeting nature.  In sheer defiance of the impending Fall, the mind dives head first into all the “slowness” of summer with an extra barbecue or two, late night camp fires, and numerous trips to the ice cream stand as if feared the delicious treat may not show up again until next May.

For me, August is a time to catch up on those once-a-year activities, like the inevitable closet exchange of warm for cool clothes.  I attempt to catch up on that stack of books I promised myself I would read, especially as these bright summer evenings encourage such long hours or reading.  I also take this time to explore all the new trends from beauty, to cooking, to fashion, and even sports.  Yes, August means we are that much closer to football!

My creative focus for the past several weeks has been all light fabrics and classic details.  I am especially excited about a 1940’s hat I saw in a movie and just can’t wait to recreate.  Fingers crossed it will turn out!

I also am starting a new feature to my blog which will appear twice a month, entitled “Sewing Tip Saturday.”  Sewing, in case you haven’t realized ;-), is a huge part of my blog! I love sharing the patterns I have created, along with tutorials so one can recreate their own version.  However, I have been asked by several people for clarification of what certain terms mean, or how to create a certain type of stitch or process.  Therefore, I thought it would be helpful to create quick, picture-based posts on basic sewing terms, as well as some unique and unusual sewing techniques.   I hope these will be helpful to those who are new to sewing, or  those have been sewing for a while but would like to learn something new.  Look for the first post this upcoming Saturday!

Embrace the last month of pure warmth my friends, and go ahead and stay out by that campfire just a little longer….it is totally worth it!


A few posts to watch for this month:

  • One Yard- Two Ways:  Learn how to create two different 1950’s summer blouses from one yard of fabric.
  • Give Yourself a Manicure – The 1940’s Way
  • Meet Isabelle and Grey Dove from the blog From Goats to Soaps, as we learn more about their wonderful, handmade beauty products.  If you just can’t wait, go ahead and check them out now!  Make sure to use code aimee2015 to receive 10% full-priced items. 🙂

August Sewing Table Inspiration

Cover Photo: The Red Hammock by Sir John Lavery, 1936