1860’s Hair Twist with Bun

So I saw a picture of this hairstyle and wanted to try it.  Well…when I don’t do anything to my hair (besides blow-dry it) it is extremely soft and straight.  I still went ahead and created the look, but would recommend having slightly wavy or at least day-old hair.   Having “rougher” hair will allow this look to hold easier and not end up with so many flyaways (as shown in my pictures.)

Alright…step 1 – Part hair down the middle.



Step 2 – divide the top portion of your hair into three parts: 1 – the back middle, and 2 – two front sections from the top of your crown to behind your ear.  Take these front sections and create a roll with your fingers in the middle.  Keeping the shape of the roll, take bobby pins and pin the inside of the roll.   Take two side sections of the middle section of hair and twist to add more volume on the lower part of your head.



Step 3 – Take the remaining hair and twist into the biggest bun you can make!  This is where having textured hair would be helpful!



P.S.  I like the left side of my hair better than the right…the right side section of hair was too soft to hold the right shape.

Step 4 – Add hair combs.



And hairstyle complete!





Have a great weekend!