Historical Housekeeping: Creating Your Own Old-Fashioned Garden

When you picture your perfect summer afternoon, what do you see?  For me, it is relaxing in the shade of a lovely park with perhaps a nearby pond with tiny fish darting about, robins bopping along looking for a snack, and of course the delicate aroma of flowers wafting in the warm smelling breeze.  Can a summer breeze smell warm?  Of course it can!

The warmth of summer brings with it a jolt of life which, if you look carefully, touches every living thing around us.  The crickets sing louder, the birds chirp livelier, and the children run faster and play harder (of course, the end of the school year could have something to do with that.)  Our bones respond to this new change, and crave the outside as we collectively meander into our gardens, both large and small, to pull out the old, and plant the new.

While I may not be a great gardener, I do love the feeling of dirt under my fingernails, and the earthy scent of soil, fertilizer, and roots.  For one living thing to help another living thing grow and prosper is a unique gift that should be treasured and cultivated.  The sign of a well-loved garden, in my opinion, is one where the plants are allowed to grow as they please with only mild intervention as time and nature pass by together and where even the bees and butterflies view the plants as old friends.

I remember this one painting my mom had hanging up in our house for years of a mother and daughter wandering together through what had to be the most beautiful flower garden I had ever seen.  Perhaps you have seen such a garden?  One where all colors are present and lush, and where tall hollyhocks and iris watch over their flock of the smaller bachelor buttons and pansies.  Oh, to have such a garden myself…. 🙂

The beauty of an old fashioned flower garden is timeless.  It speaks of love, care, and a sense that time does nothing but add to the beauty of the flowers and their caretakers.

The size of the garden isn’t important, nor the amount of money one spends.  It’s the thought and care one takes into creating a beautiful spot for humans and animals alike.  Remember even the ladybugs have outdoor picnics…and I bet they have them right underneath the golden heliotrope!

Wish to start an old fashioned garden of your own?  Here are a few links to get you started!

Old-Fashioned Inspired Garden Sources

To learn about various types of “old-fashioned” flowers, Frances from Fairegarden gives a wonderful overview.

Looking for that classic “old-fashioned” flower collection?  Try this seed kit by CheapSeeds or these unique Heirloom Stock seeds from Natures Potions Ltd.



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