The Challenge: One Ball Gown, One Piece of Lace, One Hour…


I found this beautiful piece of creamy pink lace and just loved it!  It was a great deal…but only came in a two yard piece.  Not exactly the easiest measurement to work with.  In addition, only two sides were scalloped…the other two sides were raw edges from being cut.  I knew that I wanted to try to create some sort of shawl, but need to have all the edges finished…but how to do that when it was an odd shape…well that was the challenge.

But one hour later I went from this

lace1      to this          lace4

And here is how I did it:

1.  Take the lace and match up the scalloped ends to create an odd looking triangle.


2. Secure the end point with pins and stick it into the carpet (or put a weight on it) so that when you are adjusting the rest of the shawl, the point stays together and aligned.  Pin along the scalloped edge.

3. Trim off the unfinished edge, making sure to cut the unfinished edge about a half inch shorter than the scalloped edge .  You don’t want the edges to meet.


4.  Pick a matching thread, and a narrow stitch on your machine and stitch the edges making sure to keep the edges tight to avoid a misshapen triangle.

5. Trim off excess lace from the stitched line and …..Voila!




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