Fashion Icon: Judy Garland


Sunday evening I watched one of my most favorite musicals…Easter Parade.  I always look for it to be on TV around Easter, and was happy to find it once again!  While it does deal loosely with Easter, the majority of it surrounds dancing duo Judy Garland and Fred Astaire as they work to make it big.  Of course the whole film capitulates with the yearly Easter Parade, where women don the most extravagant hats and stroll around town.  Lovely!

So I am clearly still on a Judy Garland high and felt that a special post was in order.  Now there is a large amount of research, articles, and books written on Miss Garland, and this is in no way another one.  Instead, I thought I would find a few photos of the talented actress in a few lovely outfits and share them with all of you!

So here we go!

I adore this blouse and skirt combo.  The skirt appears to consist of several gores that meet at the waist.  Adorable!


Not only does the fun ooze from this picture, so does the sweetness of the outfit.  From the gloves to the hat, this ensemble is perfect.  I really like how the bottom of the jacket turns up to expose the lining that matches the revers collar.


This might be my most favorite picture of her ever!  A soft blonde in the most amazing shade of rose I have ever seen!  Whether this has been altered after the fact, or if it truly was the shade she was wearing, it doesn’t matter.  I adore it!


A unique outfit as it goes all the way to the floor, this dress is only made sweeter by the addition of the scarf around the head.  And of course, Shirley Temple looks adorable too!


Taken in the late 1950’s, this suit features a long jacket over a skirt.  A very popular look at the time.


If all this fashion has put you in the mood to watch some Judy Garland movies, may I recommend a few of my favorites:

The Clock


The Pirate


The Harvey Girls


Happy Watching!


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