Creating a 1940’s Blouse from a Modern Pattern

1940's blouse

I am so excited to share today’s post with you, as it offers one of my favorite sewing cheats: taking an already created pattern and tweaking it into something completely new.  And today’s little tweak comes in the form of a 1940’s blouse.  I will show you the pattern I have chosen to use, but feel free to use any blouse pattern that you would like as the method to create this top doesn’t change too much!

Here we go!

I chose to use McCall’s Blouse Pattern #M6750 pictured below.


Once you have chosen your pattern, take a look at the back of the envelope to find out how much fabric you will need along with the required notions.  Then, simply add an extra 1/4-1/3 yard of fabric to account for the ruffles.  Cut out the paper pieces, and follow this simple step to create the new pattern for the front of the bodice.

Now that the pattern is drafted, cut out your fabric and let’s construct the bodice.

The most time consuming part deals with the facing and trim.  But will a little time and patience, it will go together rather easily!

Time to talk about the sleeves!!

Now, finish the blouse according to the pattern instructions making sure to hem and add the appropriate closures.

And that’s it!! I have included many close ups of the two different blouses so you can see the various construction parts.







I hope you have enjoyed this little tutorial!

Happy Sewing!


1950’s Overskirt Video Tutorial: Beginner’s Sewing

1950's overskirt

The other day, I was watching my season 5 DVD set of I Love Lucy…. you know, the Hollywood episodes.  And as I was watching one of the episodes, Lucy wore one of my favorite outfits in the entire series. A delicious creation featuring an overskirt attached to a bodice with coordinating skinny pants.  

Here is the image of it from the show, along with the original sketch by Elois Jensson:


Lucy in Palm Springs


Now, this particular outfit has been placed on my “To Create” list, however I wanted to do something quick and easy for a fun tutorial for my blog.  So, I did some more research, and found a few easy examples of this look:




Fun, flirty, and offering extreme versatility, this overskirt is a fantastic 1950’s addition that can easily find it’s way into our 21st century wardrobe!

What you will need:

  • Fabric of choice in any amount you desire.  I used 1 3/8 yards as it was the only amount available in this particular pattern, but adjust as needed.
  • Thread
  • 1 hook and bar closure

This tutorial is broken into three parts with video instruction for each section.

Part One:

In the first clip, I will show you the length and width for the skirt, how to create and place the pockets, as well as hemming the skirt.



Part Two:

The second video focuses on gathering, pinning, and stitching the skirt to the waistband.



Part Three:

This last clip goes over whipstitching the waistband as well as how to close the skirt  in the front.



I hope these simple steps help lead you down the road to a fun and flirty 1950’s overskirt!  Feel free to share your creation in the comments below or over on my Facebook page!

Have a wonderful weekend!