A room without a view…

I sew in a room without windows.  I used to have windows, but that was when I sewed upstairs in my small little room called the Purple Room…I painted it a deep violet.  Well, as my business began to grow and my sewing became well…more intense, I needed a larger area.  There was no other room large enough so I headed down to my partially finished basement.

I would never show you a before picture…it is too depressing, but with a rug, a fresh coat of white paint…some random used furniture and determination, I created a little sewing haven.  With plenty of space, I was able to arrange an organized area of efficiency, with room to grow.  Now don’t get me wrong…it isn’t perfect.  During the Spring, I have to squash small little spiders, and am always nervous of flooding.  And of course in the winter it hovers at around 58 degrees…so armed with slippers and a space heater, I make it work.  Sure it doesn’t look like any of those fancy, well designed studios that one sees in a magazine.  But it is mine, it is well-organized, spacious, and… secret.  Believe it or not…only my husband and my mom have seen this area.  Yes, I do take photos of my gowns, and of my projects, but no one physically visits this cocoon.  It isn’t a decision I have made to exclude people…its just that my hobby (to some) is odd, and only people who I think are open enough get to experience this area of my life.

With that said, I thought I would share with you my “window” wall.  Or the part of my studio that is to me, the light I crave.  I call it my inspiration wall and it consists of articles, photographs, designs, and samples of gowns that I find…well..inspirational.  I choose pictures that I feel encouraged by, energized by, or calmed by.  And as you will see they range from flowers, to kitchens.  I faced my sewing table towards this wall and feed from its energy as I go about my creative process.

I recommend and hope that each of you is able to nest out a little area…no matter how dim it may seem and just enjoy the solitude that comes with creativity.  So while the night may descend, or the winter winds blow…it will always be “sunny” in my little room.