The Mini Sewing Crate Tutorial

You knew it was going to happen.  Bending over, knee deep in numerous fold of fabric and you run out of pins.   Unfortunately, the nearest pin cushion is conveniently out of reach, as you lay sprawled on the floor trying not to loose a carefully folded pleat.  I have been in this position too many times to count and not just with pins.  Tape measures, needles, thread, the overly-used seam riper are always somehow not near me when I need them.

Introduce my traveling, mini, sewing crate.

I wanted to create something that would neatly hold all of my needed supplies and yet stay safe and sturdy on the floor within reach.  So on one of my numerous trips to the craft store, I came across this little $6 wonder.  I quickly snatched it up for exactly this purpose.  A couple of hours  and some well used remnants later, left me with this new addition to my craft room.

Here is how I did it:

Supplies and Tools



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