The Appeal of Floral Accessories


The last few weeks of August are upon us and natures is in full bloom.  Flowers are large, bright, and overflowing.  The grass is full and green.  And every tree is leafed out in all its glory.  With sights such as these, it is easy to see how a person would want to carry a little bit of nature around with them.  And what better place than on one’s clothing!

Today’s post is all about the use of floral details which designers have been using to brighten up dresses for decades.  Whether placed at the neckline, the waist, or along the hem of a skirt, these lovely replicas of nature’s beauty certainly are worthy of admiration!

Here are a few of my favorites!

These two lovely 1850’s ball gowns have some lovely floral accents!



This stunning 1870’s salmon pink gown has amazing pleated ruffles and embroidered rose detailing.


I adore this gown!!  Such unique placement of the flowers!


The 1920’s definitely knew the appeal of using flowers!


I love Billie Holiday’s gown with the petal bodice!!


This soft yellow 1950’s evening gown definitely evokes a warm summer evening!


With so many colors, shapes, and textures to choose from, using these lovely decorations can truly add glamour to your next creation!