What’s On My Bookshelf?

Last summer I created a post of my favorite historical fashion books…but I accidentally erased the pictures and well, I decided to create another post to replace it.  I do not have a lot of books or magazines…if I came across one that I really liked, I would buy it.  I have found that I mostly use the books as a launch pad for an idea, and they have been valuable to my overall knowledge of historical sewing.  Although nothing has been as helpful as trial and error.

So without any further ado,  here are my 7 favorite and most helpful historical sewing/fashion books!  Drumroll, please!  Oh and just for fun, I have decided to list them in my order of importance, starting with number 7…


The Way They Were: Dressed in 1860-1865 by Donna J. Abraham.

A great picture collection of clothing both from men and women.  A little bit of text, but mostly visual.  Donna Abraham is the owner of Abraham’s Lady and very helpful.  I have visited her shop and found many great items and fabric.



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