1880’s Twisted Hairstyle

To create an easy 1880’s inspired hairstyle, begin with curly hair and lots of bobby pins:


Take a few front pieces and keep them to the side, then start the process by making one loose bun around your crown.  Try to keep it puffy in the front.

Continue until you have several curly buns.


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How to Make a Hair Rat: The Modern Way!

I was asked a few weeks ago how to create this hairstyle with shoulder length hair: Post on how to create this look HERE



Now women in the 19th century would use hair rats, which are little rolls of their hair that either fell out or was brushed out.  Of course going that route is still an option, but I did a little research and found a great way to create a hair rat for your 19th century hairstyles the 21st century way!  All you need is a sock bun and a pair of scissors!

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A shawl by any name…

Whether you call it a mantilla, a coverlet, a shawl, a drape, or wrap, women have been finding delicate things to sling across their shoulders for the duel purpose or warmth (sometimes) and beauty.  I personally love wraps and capes and wear them all throughout the winter for the same duel purpose as our foremothers centuries ago.  I recently acquired 5 yards of beautiful black lace with the intention of creating a shawl of some sort.   While researching I came across these examples from an 1855 Goodey’s Lady’s Book, August edition I believe, and just fell in love.  Now clearly these drawings are very detailed and have materials that I may have trouble getting a hold of, yet they are provide a great base.  After I complete the current gown I’m working on (which hopefully will be today), I plan on starting to draft up a pattern for one of these shawls, or wraps, or what ever you like to call it! 🙂


Standing out from the crowd…

When I was younger, I desperately wanted to learn how to play the guitar.  I felt that all the “cool” kids learned how to play and well…I’m sure you, at one point in your life, viewed that reason enough to try anything.  So I begged my parents  and they bought me a $50 used guitar.  I practiced for about three weeks, and then put it away in the closet.  Why?  Well first, it’s not an easy instrument to learn.  Second, I am a lefty and had trouble trying to refigure out the chords from right handed people.  And third, I didn’t really want to learn how to play.  I mean, not for the sake of the instrument and the music it could bring.  I wanted to learn to be cool.  Perhaps if I had viewed the process and the end results differently, I could be strumming along today.  Now as I am older, I value uniqueness much more than the idea of being “cool.”  Standing out as someone different in a sea of look a likes inspires me to pursue my own dreams.  Enter “girl playing a violin.”  When the majority of the photographs from the 1850’s and 60’s show women in their finery, looking elegant and deliciously middle class, this young woman chose to be photographed with her violin.  And I like that about her.  Was she good?  Maybe…but see it doesn’t matter, she did what made her happy and that was enough.  I hope all of you embrace that thing in your life that makes you unique and different!

1860’s Hair Roll

Here is another hairstyle perfect for any reenactment or historical play.


The great thing is that if your hair is shoulder length or longer, you can easily do this hairstyle.  All you will need is a comb and LOTS of bobby pins and hair pins.

Start with hair parted in the middle.


Next twist or braid the front sides of your hair.  I prefer to twist mine, but do whatever you feel is more flattering to your face.


Place a line of bobby pins in a straight horizontal line just above where your neck and your head meet.   This line of pins will allow your vertically inserted pins to be locked in place and not move.


Then you begin rolling and pinning your hair.  You can either do this in sections or in one big piece.  Just keep pinning all your hair up.


And keep pinning!


And once you  are happy with how it looks you are done!  You can add some pretty combs or any other appropriate hair accessory.


My hair was just washed and had a little wave in it…if your hair is very straight, you can get your hair as smooth as this…




Be patient with this look…it may take a few times to get, but it is such a unique hairstyle!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

1860’s Twist with Bun

Alright…well after four hairstyles (some more successful than others) I have opted to go with the following:


It is basically a center part with the sides rolled and pinned until you reach the back of the head. The remaining hair is then twisted into a bun.

And why did I pick this hairstyle? Because all the other ones had the front hair flat against my face and I looked…well…odd. I like to have my hair full and the twists from this hairstyle allow a bit more volume around the face which I feel help me feel more comfortable.
Sooo there we go…I finally have a hairstyle! I do hope that these styles have been helpful!

1860’s Braid and Twist Hairstyle

Well I did try to create the hairstyle from the picture..

…and it was rather hard. My hair is just a few inches too short for this look. I still went ahead and took pictures so for those of you out there who have long enough hair can try it!
Soooo for this look you will need: pins, hair ties, and a comb.

Start with hair down and parted in the middle.

Then pin the front sections of your hair behind your ears to give the front a smooth look. Try your best to keep this whole look as smooth as possible. I had some teasing in my hair and as a result, my hair isn’t as smooth as it should be!

Then make two medium size braids on either side of your hair and secure with hair ties.

Attach each braid over the top of your head with pins. Eventually you can pull off the hair ties and then secure the ends under the braids. This is where my hair just isn’t quite long enough.

Then take the rest of your hair and create twists or buns. Secure with pins and then insert decorative hair combs!

Since my hair isn’t long enough for this hairstyle I am going to try one more to see if I can find one I like!Enjoy your weekend!!