My Favorite Girls Night Movies

girls movies

Summer days are meant for staying up late and enjoying your friends and family as much as possible!  One of my favorite ways to spend a summer evening is by watching one of my favorite girly movies, making snacks, and cuddling up on the couch with loved ones for a fun time!  Last year, I shared my favorite summer vacation musicals, so this year, I thought I would share my favorite girl’s night movies….so here we go!
  1. Pride and Prejudice – 1995  While I adore the Kiera Knightly version, there is nothing better than being taken away by the BBC version with Jennifer Ehle and Colin Firth.  Just make sure that you can set aside 6 hours…but trust me, it’s worth it!pride-and-prejudice-1995-restored-2010-x-250 460x300_prideprejudice
  2. You Were Never Lovelier – 1942  This very fun musical is a wonderful blend of dancing, singing, comedy, misunderstanding and Hollywood glamour!You_were_never_lovelierAnnex - Astaire, Fred (You Were Never Lovelier)_01
  3. Ever After – 1998   One of my absolute favorites, this sweet take on Cinderella is fun not only because of the characters, but because of the gowns as well!Everafterposterever-after-a-cinderella-story-gallery
  4. Becoming Jane – 2007  While perhaps not as classic as the stories written by the author, this fun little film on Jane Austen is sweet and empowering!becoming-jane.29468Jane_Tom_cricket
  5. Return to Me – 2000   This is one of my all-time, hands down, favorite movies!!  If you love comedy, unique plot twists, and the Rat Pack, you will love this film!51P1GWQZTCLimages
  6. Jane Eyre -1997  Alright, I know that there are many different film versions of this story, and everyone has their favorites.  While I can’t say a bad thing about any of them, if I only could choose one to watch, it would be this one.  p19714_d_v8_aa
  7. Never Been Kissed -1999  While this movie isn’t really great for historical sewing, if you love 1980’s fashion, I think you will enjoy the flashbacks!  And with a message about being true to yourself….how can you go wrong?Never-Been-Kissed-Postertopshop
  8. Little Women -1994  The musical score in this film never fails to instantly calm and transport me back in time.  And the gowns…I mean….come on! 🙂Little_women_poster18-little-women.w1200.h630
  9. Sarah Plain and Tall – 1991  I adore this film!  It’s wholesome, sweet, and has such wonderful examples of 1910’s fashion!Sarah,_Plain_and_Tall_(film)198651033533611328_ANJNQEihSo there you have it!  My top nine favorite girls night films!  Now go pop some popcorn, gather up some friends, and have a wonderful night!signature