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Gift Wrapping Ideas

Gift wrapping, for me, is one of the most relaxing parts of the whole gift giving process.  One is able to relax in the faith that they have (hopefully) found the perfect gifts and can now begin the delightfully fun process of wrapping. I do not spend a lot of money on wrapping paper.  I tend to take advantage of sales and buy just one or two different (yet coordinating) patterns.  Then, through fun details and trims, each present takes on it’s own personality and look.  So if your creative-wrapping-well has run dry, I have collected 11 different ideas of both vintage and victorian styles to stimulate your imagination. Enjoy, and let’s get wrapping! P.S. Don’t be afraid to pick up a few extra rolls of wrapping paper.  They are excellent for sewing patterns and are at a much more reasonable price than regular brown craft paper. 🙂 Victorian Gift Wrapping Ideas  Vintage Gift Wrapping Ideas So let that paper and ribbon fly! 🙂 ~Aimee