Secrets of Distinctive Dress: The Hair

….”Study the contour of your face.  Study pictures of beautiful women.  Magazines, especially  beauty advertisements in them, contain many pictures of beautiful women.  Study these for new ideas of dressing your hair, and when you find a way that you think is just right for you, practice doing your hair like it until you have perfected the style.   

Do not try to do your hair all up in one twist.  A capable hair dresser will divide the hair into four to eight sections and carefully pin each section in its place until she gets the effect she desires.  A woman who carefully arranges her hair in the morning, using enough hairpins to give security, will not have a disheveled, careless-appearing head of hair at the end of the day.  

And this prompts me to tell you about hair pins.  Bone hair pins are softer in the hair then wire ones and should receive the preference.  They should be medium small, and of a color that matches the hair, if possible, so as to be inconspicuous.  Small wire hairpins are a necessity and should be used generously to keep all stray locks in place.

Your hair, then, demands careful attention, for it proclaims the well-groomed woman.  ‘In cultivating a rose, we care for it, tend, water, and protect it.  As a cultivated flower surpasses a weed, so a well-groomed woman surpasses the woman who neglects herself.’ ” 

Excerpt from The Secrets of Distinctive Dress – Harmonious, Becoming, and Beautiful Dress – Its Value and How to Achieve It.  By Mary Brooks Picken, 1918

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